Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What's happening?!

What's going on since the goats left?

I know I said that I'd post more, well I guess that went out the door.

I started my Master Gardeners course and that has been taking most of my spare time.
I thank God everyday I didn't start this course when I still had the goats.
It's very time consuming.
They expect you to spend 3-4 hours a week on the course.
Well for someone that hasn't used their brain in a long time
(well in that capacity anyway) I've had to study 2 hours a day 6 days a week!!
I still get up at the crack of dawn. That's when I do my best studying.
It's a lot of work and I'm using a lot of brain power...
but I LOVE it!!!
I did my first exam on Monday and made 90%!
I'm now working on my first assignment and studying plant anatomy and 
coniferous trees.
I need to know 100 botanical plant names by the time I'm done.
So far I've done annuals, perennials and deciduous trees.
I think I'll have a few issues with identifying coniferous trees. 
Unless they have a tag on them in the forest, they all look like spruce, pines or cedars to me.

This is how I study my Latin plant names. The old fashioned way.

Last Saturday was the Christmas on the Sissiboo craft show.
We did awesome!! Almost sold out of apple butter and I had made
A LOT of apple butter. Phew.

My table at the craft show.
One of our new scents this year.

Then since we no longer have any goats....
we hopped on the ferry to Saint John New Brunswick and stayed overnight.
Just for the heck of it!
Jamie and his girlfriend came with us also.
I know...Jamie has a girlfriend.
I'm getting old.
She's pretty and super nice.
She's quiet, which compliments Jamie's...
how shall we say this...exuberant personality.
Yes. That's a good word. 

Here we are on the ferry! 
On the ferry Dave was wearing his Christian firefighter tee shirt.
A couple approached him saying how they liked it.
Come to find out they were going home from a conference at a church in Yarmouth.
We talked the entire ferry ride to New Brunswick.
It's nice meeting fellow Christians.

We had just gotten home from the ferry on Sunday morning when Jamie and I decided to go to the penny sale to support the Clare Feral Friends.
We had fun and actually won a few prizes.

Monday night I had a meeting with three students from the local university.
The university has started a new program for their business students.
They pair them up with local small business owners to help them with their businesses.
So I got chosen for my soap business!
How cool is that!
They are so nice and look genuinely excited to help me. I got a girl and two guys.
The girl is from Fredericton NB, but her grandparents are actually local. We know them well.
Small world.
The two guys are from Morocco and Congo.
This could be interesting to see what ideas all three have.

So needless to say I haven't let grass grow under my feet since the last time we talked.
Have a Blessed Evening.