Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Where's the pumpkin pie!?

I love my goats. That includes driving around after Halloween to collect pumpkins.

Ok, I'm not that crazy.  My cousin had an over abundance of pumpkins and said I could have them for the goats. So my trunk, my backseat and my front seat was full of pumpkins!

But now that the cows are home, they're enjoying them as much as the goats.

Then someone else enjoyed the pumpkins. They even started carving them.

Darn chickens!

Have a Blessed Evening!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

When the cows came home..

Remember these guys?



Well they've been away at the neighbouring farmer's field for the entire summer. Usually they come back in October but it's been an extremely mild fall so they've stayed there till today.

We had a bit of snow two days ago so it was time for the cows to come home.

The farmer told us that Daisy got kinda big...really big. Bigger than Woody. Because all summer she became a big mooch on another cow's teat! She nursed all summer on another cow.

Honestly, I find that kinda funny.

But here's what they look like now.

Daisy turned out to be black not brown. The ole farmer thinks she might
 be crossed with Black Angus. 

Next week Woody is going to the...well you know.

But we're still not sure what to do with Daisy.

Her and Peeper have a thing going.

Peeper is in love.

The minute Daisy walked into the pasture, the other goats went the opposite way.
Peeper on the other hand, walked right up to her and introduced himself. 

They've been inseperable ever since.

Love knows no bounderies.

Have a Blessed Day

Thursday, November 6, 2014



You are so bad.

For several months this summer he lived in the barn. No fence would contain him.  
So at night he'd sleep with the guys and then during the day he'd move to the girls apartment.
He'd find a hole in the fence, we'd fix it, he'd find another hole, we'd fix it.
Just when we thought we had him contained, he'd MAKE a hole and we'd fix it.
Finally after awhile we made the decision to sell him.  It wasn't a decision I made easily. 

I love my Peeps.

He's my little boy.

But it was no life for him in the barn and it would cost several thousand dollars to make a fence that would contain him.  Something we couldn'd afford.
So I placed ads everywhere.
Then on Open Farm Day a little girl came over and before I could scream,
She grabbed the fence! (We had warning signs, but she was too young to read and her parents had their backs turned)




That's why when the turkeys would stick their wattles on the wires it wouldn't zap them.
I just thought they were too stupid to realize it hurt.
That's why Peeper was escaping!
We actually had someone that was coming to buy him that week.
I called and said, sorry but we're keeping my boy!
Our troubles weren't over. We tried everything to fix the fence, check the wires, change the fencer, add another ground, wet the ground. Nothing was working enough to keep him in. 
The big girls were happy inside, so they didn't bother trying to leave and Bear had gotten zapped once and never dared to go to the fence again.
So I ordered another fencer from work....a big one.

I didn't frig around.

Meet Super Energizer 5!!

That's Mr. Super Energizer 5 to you!

Oh and Mr. Energizer works.
It's for 50 miles....we only have 4 miles of fence. Heh, heh, heh.
6 joules.

Er, Er, Er. ( Tim the Toolman's voice)

Peeper is safe and sound in the fence.

Problem solved.

Have a Blessed Day

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vintage Find

Look at this gorgeous piece I found at an antique fair!

It's to hold your sweater together. 

Those old enough would remember that.

I love it!

Have a Blessed Day