Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Happy, happy, happy!

I'm a bit leery...


Don't say it too loud but the last few months things have been going awesome.

The job is great, things are great at home, people seem happy
Jamie is settled in his new job with Air Canada Rouge and loves it.
He calls often to say hello and how things are going...and not usually to
ask for money (like most parents say their kids do). He has not forgotten us in his jet setting
lifestyle. He remembers his old folks.
Once again we are super proud of him!
He called tonight when he got home from Miami. He was tired. It was overnight and like
he said if you don't love the lifestyle you won't stay long.
He said he loves the lifestyle and he's happy. That's all we can ask for!

My nursemaids and lapwarmers

Even though things are going tickety boo I've had a few set backs the last few days.
But it will pass...I know it will.

I was finally on a waiting list for my heel surgery for November 13 or 14.
The secretary called and said the doctor had extra O.R. time and wanted to know if I
wanted the surgery on a definitive date (not just a maybe). Well of
course I said yes! She called last week and the date was November 1st!! 
Ack didn't give a lot of time to get things ready. Oh well I was going!!!

October 31st I was getting ready for our radio station's Trunk or Treat event for the kids.
On the way out of the house carrying the treats I fell down the stairs!! Candy flew everywhere. But we saved it even though it was raining.
I on the other hand did not fare as well at the candy.
After a certain age, one does not bounce as well as one once did!
Well I have reached that certain age.
My left elbow is tender, my back was slightly bruised but...
my tailbone did not fare that well.
The doctor says it's just bruised but it's going to take a very long time 
to heal. Mylanta it hurts like the dickens everytime I cough, breath, move,
have to go to the bathroom etc...
After surgery

But the next day I went for my surgery. I'll know more in two weeks on how that went
but for now I'm chair-ridden. I have crutches which I hate.
I should have gone to the gym for upper body strength. I'm so grateful that we kept
Dave's dad's wheelchair. It's been a Godsend or I would
be stuck in the house. I'm a clutz to start off with (Really!?!?) and those crutches are evil!!!

Then Sunday while eating breakfast I'm not sure what happened, but the only
thing the paramedics can figure out is that I made a reaction to the 
painkillers combined with the coffee. Weird...
I know...but I thought I was dying and that's why
I got Dave to call the ambulance. 
But it looks like things have settled and I can sit back (ok not too back with a painful tailbone)
 and maybe heal a bit.
I sit in my chair and the nursemaids keep me warm (the weiners) and Dave is my chauffeur,
cook and cleaner.

My new footwear

I have learned one thing in the last few days though...

Even when a place says that they are wheelchair accessible...
they're not! If I was alone with my wheelchair I would not 
be able to get into 80% of the places that are supposedly accessible.
People appreciate your legs...even if they're too fat, too skinny, have varicose
veins, too short, achy, sore, tired etc... at least you can use them! 
When you can't use them (even if it's for just a few weeks) you realize what a 
gift from God they are!!

And on a last note...Jamie going to his first flight! He's so snazzy!

Have a Blessed evening!

p.s. We got more than that small jar of honey. When Dave checked the hive for the winter our honey super (which is where we would get our honey) had 10 pounds!!! Woohoo!!!
thank you little bees! Don't worry, the bees have more than enough for
themselves to last the winter.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Dog Days of Summer

I'm outside on the veranda typing this because it's beautiful
outside and I have two weenies that want some fresh air.
So while I'm typing this they are traipsing back and forth on the veranda 
like swimmers doing laps in a pool..only without the water.
Then one will stop and lay in the shade and the other in the sun.

It's been a crappy spring and a crappy summer as far as
gardening goes. Wow. Our spring was freezing and wet.
Planting was done very late and it's September first and I still have no ripe tomatoes 
outside in the beds. I did have the hindsight in planting some in
the greenhouse and they are doing very well. 
This year we planted mini cukes in the greenhouse and we will be doing that again next year. 
They are the perfect size. 

The strawberries didn't do well this year. We only had one small crop with double 
the plants we had last year.  We lost our lavender to the winter winds 
so I had to replant some.  We didn't get much snow last year but the winds
never stopped!! Many people lost plants because of this.

The job is going well and I've been busy with that. There's always something 
going on when you run a radio station.  Some ups and some downs.

I had to attend the Wedgeport tuna festival.  Very interesting. I had never gone.  Very big fish and I got to taste some fresh tuna. It was pretty good. I also noticed that a boat came in with seaweed. It's cool how they unload it. 

The crew is great and the rest of the people in 
the building are also. We are all non profit organizations so 
we are pretty much all in the same boat.
We've begun meeting in the communal kitchen once a month for a Nosh and Nag. 
We bring food, eat and whine. It's awesome! Ha Ha

Jamie has graduated high school then went on to flight attendant academy
and before he even graduated from that he already had a job!! 
So September 11th he's moving to Toronto.  Yikes!
He's going to do well. I think we raised him right.
So now begins the empty nest....
Gonna be weird.
Wasn't it only yesterday that he started primary school?
Hey wait...whoa!

Oh and he did graduate from the academy with a 97% average.
So proud of him!

So on to garden talk. 
Here's a few pictures of some of the stuff we gathered this year. 
Most importantly HONEY!
We only have one jar and really we shouldn't even have that.
But we checked the hive and we had to clean some of the combs 
so instead of throwing it away, we strained it and got honey!

 We also got some potatoes!!

I bottled a few jars of yellow beans.

And had an over abundance of parsley so I dried it. BUT!!
I still have even more in the garden. So I'm going to collect it, dry it and give it as gifts to my foodie friends for Christmas....ya I'm weird like that.

As for exercise I haven't been doing much.  I've gained soooo much weight.  All because of my heel.
I'm waiting for the call to go for surgery. Then I'll be off my feet for 6 weeks and then a walking cast for another 6-8 weeks.  Lovely. But if it can stop the pain of the heel spur I'll 
do anything.  I have tried everything there is but after 13 years it's just getting worse. 
At least with the job I have now I can still do it. If I would have had my other job then it would
have been impossible to do the surgery.

Well that's it for now. 

Have a Blessed evening!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Long lost soul!

Things have been crazy busy around here the last year.
I didn't think it possible.
I'm not sure where to begin so I'll probably jump back and forth 
and here and there. Hopefully I won't confuse any of you.

First of all I no longer work at Home Hardware.  I had been working there 
for 13 years!! Wow!
It was very hard to leave because I loved the people that 
I worked with.  Yes, we got on each other's nerves
but that's what families do. And after 13  years of spending 
most of your waking hours with someone that's how 
you start to think of them.

But it was time to go. My health was getting worse. My heel spurs 
from standing for long periods of time and my tennis elbow
from doing repetitive movement (plus other physical issues I had that I won't mention) were getting worse and worse. The doctor didn't want me to lift
more than 15 pounds and that was my job!
I started looking for work.  I prayed on it a lot! and I wanted 
the perfect job if there was something possible.
In early November my manager at the radio station was moving.
I thought to myself..."hmmm...can I do that?"
So I thought, what the heck! I love the station, I love my community
I love being Acadian and all that it stands for and I had
more ideas in my brain than I knew what to do with!

So I applied...
and I got the job!
I am now general manager of Radio CIFA  104,1FM (check it out online)
Who would have thunk it?!

I love it! I meet new people constantly, always on the go shmoozing,
thinking up of new plans, radio shows etc...
BUT...all jobs have their down sides and this one has them 
also. Like the stress of keeping up a non profit community
radio station going and other things.
But no job is perfect. As long as the goods outweigh the bads
then it's all good!

The funny thing is that when I was told I had the job all I could think of
was Mr. Carlson the general manager of WKRP. Remember that
show?  The turkey drop?
As God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly!
Well I promise never to drop turkeys out of a helicopter. 
What a weird thing to think of.

I'm done my third semester of the master gardener. Only one more to go.
Phew! I'm still writing gardening articles for the provincial french
newspaper. Dave and I are busy in the garden club.
Dave and I have also been asked to help a family of refugees
from Burma plant a garden this summer. 

Needless to say, I don't have part-time jobs like I did the last few years.
One is enough!

But I did start volunteering with Eastlink Community TV. 
I interviewed the cast and crew in a play.And they're thinking of having a 
french talk show and I'd be the host. 
How cool is that! It's volunteer, but it's so much fun!

On the farm things are going well. I have a few bantie hens and a rooster.
Just a few. I missed my hens but I didn't really want
an entire big flock, so these are really just pets, but they lay well.

I have always wanted to tap trees for maple syrup but we didn't have trees
on our property. Well we bought a piece of land on a tax
sale last year and it's full of maple trees. So for the last 2 weeks
we've been collecting sap and boiling sap. We only
tapped 19 trees, but we ended up with almost 13 liters. 
I'd say that's pretty good. I was hoping for a liter or two.

Our stash!

I'm now getting my beehive ready.  I gave it a coat of primer tonight and
I'll paint it tomorrow. The bees are ordered and expected in May.
Soon they'll be here and it's not
something you can just put on the shelf
till you're ready.

Can you believe that this young whipper snapper is graduating this year!

Well I think that's enough for now.

Have a blessed evening!