Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Our little boy is 17!

Yikes where did the time go.
He's growing into a handsome young man
that is making all the girls hearts aflutter.

I posted on Facebook that I wouldn't post any baby pictures
but I never said anything about the blog
heh heh heh

We went to eat out for his birthday
just the two of us.
Like we used to have mommy and Jamie days.
But life moves on and he's into friends, girls and hobbies.
That's ok. That's how it goes.
You just hope you've raised then right
so they become productive members of society
and happy, healthy good people!
That's really all you can do.
They're going to make mistakes along the way
and hopefully learn from them.

My favourite Bible verse is 
                             Train up a child in the way he should go,
                          And when he is old he will not depart from it.
                                                          Proverbs 22:6

One can only hope and pray.

Happy birthday sweetie!
Love you to the moon and back
Mame et Dad

Have a Blessed Day

Good ole hockey game!

Dave and Jamie have been going to Mariner hockey games fairly often this winter.
The Mariners are a hockey team from Yarmouth.
Junior As if that means anything to you.
It's the division that they're in.
And they are very popular. 
They almost sell out every game.

So Friday I decided I'd see what all the hoopla was about.
I tagged along.
I guess I picked the right time to go
because it was touted on the radio
as being the best game of the season
the longest one!

The Mariners were winning 1-0 up until 30 seconds left in the last period 
when the Truro Bearcats scored!!!

Like really!?
It went into triple overtime.

I was so pooped. It was only done at 11pm!

By that time my toes were frozen.

But as you can see, we had good seats.
Up close and personal.

But the Mariners prevailed and they won!

But even frozen I actually liked it...
I'm going back Tuesday night.
This time with a blanket.

But I remembered why I don't go to sporting events
especially hockey.
I get too much into the game. 
I almost had a stroke. Holy crap man!

Oh well I guess

Have a Blessed Day

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Planning ahead

Someday, yes someday spring will show up.

We've had a very mild that means a frikken cold spring!!!
Holy shoot.

My Hellebores is growing well despite the snow and freezing temps.

But we're planning ahead. The picture below you might recognize.
 It's where the goats used to graze.
We've brought fill in and soon we will be putting up a greenhouse.
Maybe even two. Not sure yet.
It's a perfect spot for growing plants. 
Not far from water and nice and sunny.

Simonne and Grenouille are doing well. I had to take a picture of them 
to send away for a contest. Hopefully we win!
Simonne is growing older and we think she's also going deaf. 
We do know that she's got cataracts but the last month or so we've noticed that she's
getting hard of hearing.  Oh well I guess it comes with the territory when you get older.
We love her anyway.

Since we're planning ahead that means Jamie is growing older also.
Yet, I seem to stay the same is that? Hmmmmm
He's going to be 17 this month!!!

Ack! He's got a part time job and a car. He's living the teenage dream.
He's also planning on becoming a firefighter after he graduates next year.
He's become a volunteer fire fighter at the local fire hall. We're super proud of him.

Since the paid departments are few and far between, that means he'll have to go 
away to get training and move away to find work.

I'm hoping he won't go further than Halifax.  I could handle that....but Ontario?
Too far!

Since competition is pretty stiff to get into firefighter school, 
he said if he doesn't get into it the first year, he'll either work for a year and reapply or go to plan B 
We'd be really proud but worry a lot.

Oh well that's why we raise our kids, to hopefully 
be happy, healthy productive members of society.

Right? Right?

Have a Blessed Day!