Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Girl's Dorm

We've got a new building! I little barn, just for the girls.

Well at the moment it's every man errr...goat, for himself/herself.
I'm trying to train them to go into each of their pens.  It's only the first two days....
It's going to be a long summer.

I think it needs window boxes and curtains!

Claude and |Peanut scoping out the new pens.

Bear wondering why he's not allowed to stay in.

This is the goat's view.

The old goat house is now our hay barn.  No more little tarp barn for the hay.
 Our hay will be safe this winter!

I'm also awaiting some teat tape from Hoeggars. I'm desperate.  The kids have been weaned now for almost two months and when I put them together again. They went right to where they were before weaning.  Not happy!

I need the milk because at the last cattle sale we bought this...

Have a Blessed Evening.