Sunday, March 24, 2013

Le Nocturne á la Baie

This is something new for this region.
I guess they have nocturnes all over the world so this was our first time. 
It was hosted by the Regional Federation of Arts and Heritage of Sainte Marie's Bay. 
(say that three times fast)
Well that's what it loosely translates to anyway.

The Nocturne is to bring together all the different artists and collaborators of the area.

It started at 6:30pm on Friday night and ended that night at midnight. 
It was amazing. There were things going on all over the area.

Here's a few things we went to.

I tried my hand at quilting. Guess what? I'm horrible at it!

Needless to say, I didn't work on this piece of art!

We went through John Browning's magic trail which ended up on the beach.

One of the funny little signs in John's trail.
Very large Inukshuk? that ends the trail at John's

The museum at the Rendez Vous had tales of interesting characters of our municipality. The tour guide is telling us about the last coffin made at a local wood mill. (it had actually been used!)
Jamie with our lantern for the walks we went on.

Jamie trying to sleep during the music at the RendezVous.

The grande finale was at the church. It was a sound and light show on the church. That was amazing but I didn't take any pics. We were in our warm car and kinda fell asleep. But we woke up long enough to see most of it!

I can't take credit for this photo.  A lady by the name of Nicole Pothier took this pic.

The church looks awesome.

We can't wait till next year!

Have a Blessed Day

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leprechauns attack!

Hmmm...I think the wee ones came overnight and had a wee bit of fun with the kids!

They even disbudded them for us!

They knew St. Patrick's day was coming soon.

Do they look happy?


Oh well. Such is life.

The green dye will eventually wear off.

Have a Blessed Day

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I guess I lost the bet

But so did Dave and Jamie. They said Azelle's kids would be born on Monday. I said Wednesday. They were born Thursday morning around 4a.m.

She had a boy and a girl. At first she rejected the boy so we started bottle feeding it, but by the next day she came around and now she's taking care of both of them.

I'm not sure on what to call them. The girl might be spoken for. If she's not , I'm naming her Francoise. After Dave's grandmother.

Here's pictures of them. The computer won't let me see which pic is which so here's the description. One is of me and the kids (which are identical). The other photo is of my parents with the twins.

The only way I can tell the difference with the kids is that the boy's tail is kinked, but the older he gets the more the tail gets normal. So I figure by the end of the week they'll be impossible to tell apart. Thank goodness they're different sexes!

Have a Blessed Day

Sunday, March 3, 2013


This weekend has been full of  ups and downs.  

Yesterday after we let the donkeys go, we were all depressed. I cried, Jamie was not a pretty sight. Even Murphy cried and he's still crying.

So it was time to do something different to lift up all our spirits.

I've always wanted to go geocaching and at Christmas I got a GPS for my new hobby. But with working and then every weekend driving to hockey games all over creation, it was impossible to find the time to try it.

So Jamie didn't go to the hockey game Saturday because he wanted to say bye to the donkeys and the weather was kinda good.  So this was my chance!

Our first cache...a dinosaur

Hubby figured out how to load the GPS with coordinates and off we went. It was fun.  I want to do it again soon. It's soooo addictive. 

We found 4 out of 5 caches. One was a microcache in the local cemetary, but with a foot of snow on the ground it was impossible to find.  So when the snow melts I'll be on my way there to find it.

Queen geocacher with her official geocache hat...a frog!

This year we let the buck run with the does.  Next year we won't let that happen. You never know when they're due!

Azelle is getting huge we were sure she was due in mid-February. Wrong. She still hasn't delivered and she's getting bigger....hmmm maybe triplets?

Maggie we were sure she was due mid-March.  She only had a tiny belly.  But last week she started producing milk....hmmmm. But the "book" says that can happen up to 3 weeks ahead of time.

So mid - March due date it was.

This morning I had  just finished feeding the calf and turned to the next stall where Maggie was ( we had to separate her and Azelle since Azelle was getting ornery. ) I turned to bring Maggie out to the pasture when lo and behold stood.....

Ain't she sooo sweet! That made my day. 
So let me introduce to you.....

Spring Peeper Bernadette Comeau and Jamie.

Mother and Baby are doing wonderfully. They've already had visitors. And true to form, Maggie is just like her mom Febe...overly protective of her offspring. We'll have to see if Azelle is the same way.

We're having bets on when Azelle is going to kid. Dave and Jamie say tonight and I say Wednesday.

We'll have to wait and see....isn't the suspense just killing you? I know it's driving me nuts!

Have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life can be so unfair...

I said that they would stay with us forever.

I really hate this.

But we had no choice.

We had to sell Susie and Thunder.

We couldn't give them the care they deserved, so we sold them. With Dave still off on sick leave and my hours at work have changed...well we couldn't do it anymore.

Dave can't handle them because of his arms and I'm working and get home when it's dark, plus finances are really slim and probably going to get worse, we had to sell them.

We are going to try and keep just Murphy and see how that goes. I can probably handle one with Jamie's help, but three was way too much work. 

But I can't guarantee anything.

You never know.

I hate this.

The only good thing in this is that they're gone to a very good home.

I was concerned that Murphy was going to miss them, but he seems fine. He's still eating. He did cry a bit, but Pisnak is keeping him busy.

Have a Blessed Day