Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Houston, we have a problem.

Everything is going well, you tell your friends that things on the farm are happy, content and going along smoothly. Then Murphy's law kicks in.

We were planting two dogwood trees Monday. We were kinda late in planting them, since I bought them LAST YEAR. But anyhoo, I digress. All was going well. We were almost done our last one when J. yells, "Why is Cindi Loo out of the pasture?" Oh bugger! And she was right beside the road. I caught her no problem but we couldn't figure out how she got out. So we put her back in. Not even 30 seconds later, she was out again. She went right through the 7 strands of electric fence, pausing half way, like she was going for a stroll in the meadow.

Dave shoved her back in. We figured either the fence was off or not working. Dave touched it and Nope! it's working. Ouch. So after about 5 escape attempts, well really escape successes, she's in the barn and not coming out until we can figure something out.

This is not good. Here I was telling all my friends that my goats are happy where they are so that's why they don't attempt to escape. Yeahhhhh....riiiiiiight.

Dave figures that maybe since it's been so dry that it's not grounding the goats and they're not getting shocked as much as they should. But then why are the 3 other ones not going through. Wait, just wait and they probably will.

Have a Blessed Evening.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about Murphy's Law! Happens around here more times than I care to mention!!

    Fence problems are just about the worst tho. I'd hate for one of the animals to get hit by a vehicle or something. Not to mention the liability we'd be responsible for (that scares me to pieces).

  2. We actually have insurance for that purpose. It's extra on our home owners insurance but we think it's worth it. I would have a devastated 9 year old (and a 42 year old) if they got hit.


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