Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally soap!

I cannot believe it! I've finally made soap. I was so stressed out, I got a headache. But it was really nothing. I don't know what I was stressing over. Geeezzz! I knew that was going to happen. I made oatmeal and honey goat's milk soap. I finally found a recipe that wasn't very big. Just in case it flopped. But low and behold....it didn't flop!

The only thing I did wrong was I didn't mix my oatmeal and honey well enough. But I'll know for next time. And the oils cool off alot slower than the lye and milk mixture. Note to self, melt the oils way ahead of time.

I was kind of worried because the recipe I found on the blog Chickens in the road said that goat's milk soap takes 15 minutes to trace. Mine traced in 5 minutes. So I was hoping it hadn't flopped.

Tonight I unwrapped it did the ph test and it was safe. It was officially soap.

I finally found coconut oil. After running everywhere,going online, having every grocery store in the area try and find it, a craft store 30 minutes away from here sells it for 4$ a pound. duh!

I sent Dave all over creation last week to find me some. The stores sent him to the health food store and they were about to sell him some. 20$ for 6 oz! He's like, I don't think so. Then they said, "What do you want it for?"

Dave told them it was for making soap. Ahhhhh!! They told him to go to this craft store downtown and they had some there. Who would have thunk it?

Now I have to find a cheaper source for olive oil. I can't buy it at the store. It's too expensive. I'll call the craft store to see if they have any cheapo stuff.

Krissy, thanks for all your advice! I do have one more question...can you double a batch?

I've registered with the Fly Lady. Only one problem. When am going to find the time to do these things. That's what I'm wondering.

Have a Blessed evening.



  1. Lisa, congrats on your first batch of soap!! After awhile, you realize it's really hard to totally ruin a batch of soap. I will see if I can send you a message through here somewhere, with links to some suppliers I use. I forget where you are, but maybe they'll work for you.
    Time? Fly Lady is just 5-15 min. increments, up to you. Keep soapin'

  2. Soap makers rock! The olive oil I use is like the very last pressing. I get like 8 Gals for 40 bucks or so at a wholesale food place that sells lots of ethnic foods. I have never doubled a batch but then I make a 12lbs batch. The person that gave me the recipe now doubles it and she said that she has NO problems with it. I find that I melt the oils about 1 to 2 hours before I do the milk/lye thing.

  3. That is on my to do list. I used to make soap all of the time, I just haven't done it in awhile.
    Hey, thanks for your comment. I think it is so nice when that stuff happens. It is so sweet your husband wanted to do that, it so blesses me so thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy that soap and it makes me decide I have to do that next. :)

  4. Wonderful! I didn't know you had to test the ph of it? Guess you should since you are using lye.

  5. Thanks for your comment. That is powerful, I love that you said, that you didn't want to give up control to Jesus and your husbands profound words, about who was in control. That gave me chills. One of the things I love is hearing how God brought all of the sheep into the fold. I always shows me that each person is special and God met them just where they are.
    Yeah, I think about sometimes what might have happened if God had not been so good to me and protected me from harm. Just like He didn't let you get into Witchcraft.
    That is scary. That is really a nice testimony.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with me.
    Have a great weekend. :) So glad tomorrow is Friday. :)
    Your friend


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