Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Spring Peeper Member

Simonne needed a friend.  I had always planned on getting another one. Then Dave brought Simonne to the vet because she had the flu and saw "the ad".

New Addition

She's 10 weeks old, full of life and has stolen everyone's heart, including Simonne's.  Please meet Emilie.  I wanted to call her Magitte (a very old French Acadian name)  I thought it was cute. All J. and Dave could say was, "We are not calling our dog Maggot!"   So I told them I didn't want any cutesy names like Fluffy. I wanted a girls name.  So J. came up with Emilie.  She looks like an Emilie.  She's also a peeing machine.
But honestly, how big can a bladder be on this cute little thing?

Cutie Patootie

On another note. One of our friends from Louisiana comes down for the summer every year. I asked him last summer if he could bring Dave his favourite seasoning that he hasn't had in years!
So here is a happy camper!

Oh Happy Day!


  1. What a sweet little baby!!!!!!! She is a doll!

    I've had that seasoning before and it is great!

  2. that is a cute dog!! our neighbor just gave us a container of that same seasoning!! my hubby took it to work to share with co-workers.


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