Saturday, March 9, 2013

I guess I lost the bet

But so did Dave and Jamie. They said Azelle's kids would be born on Monday. I said Wednesday. They were born Thursday morning around 4a.m.

She had a boy and a girl. At first she rejected the boy so we started bottle feeding it, but by the next day she came around and now she's taking care of both of them.

I'm not sure on what to call them. The girl might be spoken for. If she's not , I'm naming her Francoise. After Dave's grandmother.

Here's pictures of them. The computer won't let me see which pic is which so here's the description. One is of me and the kids (which are identical). The other photo is of my parents with the twins.

The only way I can tell the difference with the kids is that the boy's tail is kinked, but the older he gets the more the tail gets normal. So I figure by the end of the week they'll be impossible to tell apart. Thank goodness they're different sexes!

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Awe what sweeties! and Hello to your folks! Must be nice to have them for a visit :)

  2. Oh gosh! They are sooo stinkin' cute!! :)


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