Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm in the wrong business!

Well, well, well.

One of the calves is not doing so well.
In fact we're not sure he's going to make it.

It came upon him quick also.
Daisy the heifer is fine, but Woody is sick.

He was fine yesterday morning, but by evening I noticed he was not getting up when I walked in the barn. That is strange for him. He's usually at the door bawling for food, like Daisy.

I called Dave over and he said the same thing. Plus Woody was trembling.
So we gave him a shot of penicillen and a shot of Newcells.

This morning is seemed like he didn't even want to suck on his bottle.
He only ate half his ration.

So Dave called the vet. He has no fever so that rules out pneumonia. 
So he took orders from the vet and we put him in a stall by himself. 
He's got the poopies in the worse way. So it could be anything.
The vet thinks maybe coccidiosis. So we're giving him Amprol.

But from late afternoon to after supper he went downhill fast!
Dave called the vet again (these guys are the best!) and she suggested Kaopectate and to make a homemade electrolyte solution and feed it to him on top of all the other things we're giving him.

Dave had to leave for a meeting so it left me to try and get a hardheaded sick (half dead) calf, that is still very strong, to drink disgusting medicine and a 2 litre of electrolyte.

So I got everything ready, got dressed in my barn clothes and told Jamie that I don't know when I'll be coming back in!

I marched into the barn determined to save this 3 week old baby!

I came out pretty much covered in cow slime, Kaopectate, electrolyte solution and probably poop.

But you know what...? I loved every minute of it!

I am one strange cookie, yes I know. I've been told this many times. I could do this everyday. I don't mind the slime, gook and gore of animals.

 I just love knowing that I helped a helpless animal. I got him to take all the medicine and he drank most of his electrolyte solution. 

But I actually think he's going to make it.

I told him that he's not going to die on my watch!

I'm praying that God will let him live because he is destined to feed many people.

It's probably not a happy ending for him, but it will be for the less fortunate this fall.

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Oh man, animal emergencies seem to be abounding this week.
    I hope your calf perks up.
    Like you, I've been dealing with animal sickenss, close to death, but wouldn't change it for the world. Well, the helping out part, not the sickness thing of course. I only have to deal with a 130 lb. goat though, I'm not sure I could force feed a calf! Good luck! :)

  2. Lisa, farm life can definitely be a dirty life with ups and downs. Hopefully Woody will pull through and live a great life even in the feeding of many people. I'm with you on the loving farm life. I loved every minute of it during my youth when I got to live the country life at my uncle's farm and Dad acreage. Both left me with great memories. Now, I'm building more memories by being an Urban farmer. No animals (well, other than the wild critters that think my garden is a buffet) but lots of vegetables. Country life will build some great memories for your son as well.

    Have a great day on the homestead.

  3. You made it sound wonderful. I hope your pretty woody makes too. My only worry is 2 of my young drakes are just too frisky for the younger hens. I separated them for a few days, but it seems now the hens are getting into it. I am keeping an eye on them b/c w/o the pond water the drakes a very heavy for the girls. You 2 hens are not bothered by the males much. It seems they have a liking for some of the other hens. We plan to kill those 2 drakes this weekend. They are not suited for mating drakes for mine or Adam's ducks. The ones we are keeping, are not related and they are not causing any trouble with the hens, how lucky is that.

  4. Those little calves go from healthy to sick in the blink of an eye! Hope you got him over the worst of it and he makes it.


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