Monday, March 3, 2014

I betch'a can't get just one!

Ok, it all started with one of our goat friends and disbudding customer, Cindy.

First we bartered Peeper from her.

Then she came down with three minis to get disbudding as a part of our deal.

Well, she came with three....
but she left with two.

How on God's green earth could you resist this!

I dare you. 

He stayed behind and we're bottle feeding him.

Look at that nose!

He's in love with Peeper and Peeper is in love with his new buddy.

Now what's this little one's name you may ask?

Well a lot of thought went into his name.

He needs a special one.

I found that looked so much like a donkey.

So we named him after Murphy, but since Jamie is so much into hunting these days, he wanted Cabelas or Winchester. At first I'm like

But then the more I looked at him and the more I found his colouring was like Winchester Cathedral in England, where we had visited many, many moons ago.

So his name is Murphy Winchester III.

Why the third? Why not.

So far Murphy Winchester III is still a he, but in a week or so, he'll be going through the process of becoming a eunuch.

I'm not used to these minis. I'm used to 150 lb goats that eat like, well, like goats.

So the vet had to come over for Woody again. It looked like he wasn't going to make it.

He had a turn for the worse. So while the vet was there I asked how much should I be feeding this tiny little thing.

He quickly did the math in his head and said, "About 2 cups of milk."

To that I reply, "A feeding?"

"No, a day."


"How much have you been feeding him?"

"6 cups a day. But he won't even look at the grain! He's going to starve!" (In my self defense!)

"No wonder! He's not hungry! Tone it down to 3 cups a day or he'll turn into goatzilla."


So Murphy Winchester III is down to 3 cups a day. And if you're late for a feeding by even just a few minutes,  he does turn into goatzilla.

So just an update on Woody.  Before the vet got there, we were sure we were going to have a cow funeral. 

Then the vet showed up.

The healthiest calf around! They're just like kids. They'll make liars out of you every time!

The vet said he did have a fever and gave us stronger meds.

But since he was supposedly on death's door that afternoon, Dave called the dairy and put our name for another calf. They said they had one that was a week old, his legs weren't the greatest, but they were getting better. He was walking on his wrists? I guess that's what you'd call them. But they said they usually heal up well. They just didn't want to sell it to anyone. So Dave said that he'd take it.

Dave kept saying I have a feeling that if we don't take it, it won't be good for the calf..if you know what I mean. So we gotta take it. 

Oh good grief.

So Dave went and got the calf, (the price was right, they gave him to us)which is named Cabelas.

And Woody is doing wonderfully!

Have A Blessed Day!


  1. Well, well, well.....I suppose that's THREE Congrats to you today! New kid, not-so-sick calf, and new calf :)

  2. Lisa, glad to year that woody is once again on the mend and now has a new play mate. That should help to get him better and back on track to become one healthy little fella. You are quite the animal person and it appears so is your hubby. Just can't stand the thought of not giving an animal a fighting chance to live, huh. That's a good philosophy for a homesteader to have and most small operations have it. When raising giant herds for profit, one or two less cows doesn't matter and any thing that needs special attention is usually culled. Although life and death is a part of homesteading, there's a right time for it and a definitely a before the right time for it. I hope woody and his "mate" (been watching too many Australian TV shows on Hulu) live a healthy life.

    Have a great day on the homestead.

  3. LOL your little sweet Murphy is the cutest! Can't say I blame you for not being able to resist. YAY that Woody is doing better too. Good luck with the new calf :)

  4. I saw your article in Grit magazine... :O).. I saw the kid coat too!! The polka dots suit Murphy Winchester III... Would you mind if I used the photo of him on my blog in my side bar with the other goaty kids that have worn my coats :O). I would be happy to put a link to your article in grit magazine about him and or back to your blog. :O)...

    1. Yes, please use the pic and a link to if you can! He was cute in it, wasn't he? But you might want to read a few more posts that I wrote after this one. :(


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