Sunday, April 20, 2014

White Women Can't Dance!

This year the Nocturne de la Baie was renamed
La Clare-té de la Baie. It was to usher in spring since it was a long 
time coming. The festivities lasted all weekend.

I went to some of them, but I missed many of them. Since there's only so many hours in a day.
 We had a lovely girl from Help X
helping us. Thank goodness she was here that week to help.

But that's a story for another day

One night we decided to take it easy and to go see what was going on at Le Rendez-Vous de la Baie.

François Gaudet had painted the Sable Island ponies.

Then we decided to go and watch the African dance demonstration.
It was beautiful to see.
But of course it didn't stop there.
They asked if anyone wanted to learn.

Well since I consider myself something of a dancer (well when I was younger anyway)
 I thought why not??!!
I should have thought...WHY?

But I semi-dragged Barbara (our helpxer) up on the stage and I thought I was doing pretty good.

Till I seen the pictures Dave took.
I'm on the left with the jeans and red T-shirt.
I seem to be in rhythm.

Still going well I'd say.

But here's where I kinda lose it. What am I doing?

I seem completely perplexed here.

But then I seem to regain my bearings.

But when we were done, Jamie was brutely honest.

"Mom you can't dance."

So I figured that Dave would be nicer.

"Honey, you have no rhythm. Sorry."

In my defense I used to do a form of step dancing, which that being said,  there is no upper body movement. So it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone....

White Women Can't Dance!!!

Have a Blessed Day and a Happy Easter!


  1. Lisa, you are too funny. I would not do any thing close to that on stage. I already know that I can't dance. I admire you for at least trying. My geosynchronous rhythm functions are challenged to say the least. I guess it's one of those things you either got or you don't got. I don't got. I have a good time just watching how easily others can do it.

    Have a great white woman can't dance day.

  2. What fun Lisa! Least you had the courage to get up there and give it a whirl - kudos for that! and you know, it doesn't matter if you can actually "dance" as long as you had fun!


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