Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lemonade out of Lemons

Well hurricane Arthur hit us and had no mercy.

Our property was actually one of the lucky ones.

Only one tree fell. (Well two fell, but the other one fell where it didn't do any damage)

Our area of Nova Scotia, (South West) was the hardest hit.
Arthur hit Saturday and there's still some people with no power. 
We only went a day and a half with none, but we also have a generator for such times.

Of course, the tree that fell was in the goat pasture and broke the fence.
Poplar trees aren't strong, so the three trees that were in the area came down. So next time we won't have this incident.

My dad came and helped with the chainsaw cutting.
 The goats were delirious with all the leaves that came their way.

They made lemonade out of lemons.

The day before the hurricane

The day after the hurricane

Clean up time! Trees gone! Goats full.

For the next little while, blogging will be minimal. My wrist is not healing quickly and it's a pain the type...literally.

Have a Blessed Day.


  1. Lisa, glad to hear you are on the back end of your surgery ordeal. I hope and pray that your recovery will speed up and your life will be back to normal real soon. I've had some health issues this summer as well which has really cramped my style. There's just no time for such things, don't you think? I hope we can get a post more often now that the wrist is healing but don't over do it. That's the hard part for me. Sitting around knowing that I could do something but shouldn't drives me crazy. How about you?

    I'm really glad that Author didn't threaten any life on the homestead and only provided additional food for the goats. We have poplar trees here in Nebraska too but they are very short lived trees. Ten or twelve years tops before they just naturally break off and have to be removed. Prayerfully this year's hurricane season will be minimal.

    Have the best day that you can.

  2. When the weather forecasters showed it moving in your direction up the coast I wondered if you and your family would be impacted by it. Glad you didn't have more damage. Bummer your wrist is still giving you problems. One of Chyann's docs told us once tho that after an operation on bone, it will take literally a year for you to feel "normal" again. I figured that after a year you've prob forgotten what it was like to be normal tho and would accept this new normal. Who know tho, right? Take care :)


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