Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Rant.

Don't get me wrong.
I love gardening.
My fingers itch to get all muddy and dirty when spring shows up.
I satisfy my addiction in the winter by babying my house plants.

But by the time September rolls around I want a break from weeding, watering, planting and harvesting.  Usually my last weeding is late September. Then I can relax and start planning for next season. 

Well this year God has some other idea!
We are October 29, 2014. 8:14pm!!! And it's almost 20 degrees Celcius outside!
What's with that!!!??  No I don't want snow right now, but nice cool temps would be nice.
You know, just above freezing.

It's been a hot, hot fall. I think I've had three frosts here. And that's it.

Last week I had to do ANOTHER weeding for pete's sake!

Enough already. 

I also discovered peas growing. They're about a foot tall.
Heaven's to Mergatroid! 
What the heck?

Two days ago, Dave discovered a wood tick on the cat.
I go outside at night and the nightcrawlers and peepers are out.

This is not normal people!

But on the bright side, it is easy on the heating bill.
That's something we can all be thankful about!

I'm just waiting for the bomb to drop.
Wake up one morning with a foot of snow on the ground.
Yup, I can see it happen.

As a matter of fact it's giving snow for Sunday.

Have a Blessed Evening.

In the meantime, enjoy some nice fall scenes from my yard.

And another nice view from my yard.

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  1. Lisa, we are having a lengthy fall here in Nebraska as well. The temperatures are slowly getting colder but the killing frost is about two weeks over due. The fall colors are hanging on much longer than usual which makes for incredible nature viewing. I still have one more lawn mowing to accomplish before the snow hits here. The leaves are just dribbling off the trees which makes for a longer cleanup period.

    Halloween seems to be making more of a holiday presence than Thanksgiving these days. Quite frankly, I'm not a Halloween kind of person. I like Thanksgiving and Christmas the best. All the stores are already filled with Christmas stuff. I'm just not really in the mood for Christmas just yet.

    Have a great fall day while you can.


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