Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's the Most Busiest Time of the Year!!!

Before Christmas was a busy time, ok busier than usual.

Our Christmas tree farmer friend called and said he had trees for us!


So off to the woods we went. It was one of the only weekends we had snow this year.
It was so pretty, but alas, it didn't last long.

I had to sit on the trees so Dave could strap them down.

Then I had this brain wave to take Jamie's stuffed toys that were in the attic still in perfect condition and bring them to Tideview Terrace, where Dave's parents are living now.

So Dave dressed in Santa and we brought Emilie as his sidekick.  I had enough toys for the houses where both his parents are living. That's 18 toys.  Next year I want to collect enough for all the houses. There's ten houses with 9 residents in each "house". So I have to collect 90 stuffed toys!!!

I've already begun going to thrift stores to buy gently used ones. I've got around a dozen. The hard part will be finding boxes to wrap them all.

But it'll be worth it! The residents loved it! The houses we didn't have toys for we went to visit anyway just to say Ho Ho HO!  I'm not sure who they loved more, Santa or Emilie.

Santa and his helper. I've found her an elf costume for next year.

Santa and "his dad".

Santa and "his mom".

Have a Blessed Day.


  1. What a sweet idea to give the gifts to them. I'm sure they all appreciated it so much.

  2. Lisa, what a great idea. Animals just seem to bright anyone's day, don't they. Therapy dogs are used quite a bit here in the retirement homes. They just seem to brighten up the older folks' day. It impossible for anyone to not to interact with a gentle loveable dog. Having your dog be Santa's helper was a nice touch.

    Have a great post Christmas day.


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