Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sayonara 2014!

2014 in review.....

It was crap.

If there was ever a year I wanted gone, it was this one and I've had some doozies in my time.
But honestly...phew.

Bad things that happened...

Murphy died
Vet bills
Vet bills
Evil wild turkeys ruined my spinach garden.
More vet bills
The soap making classes didn't make a hit like I (and many others) thought it would.
We lost the hay barn in a snow storm.
My veggie stand didn't make a hit.
Vet bills
Our turkeys cost us $30 to raise, EACH!
Several more items that I am not at liberty to talk about as of yet.
Simonne's back went out.
My arm still hurts.

Good things that happened....

We had excellent Helpxers
Met awesome people
Garden grew like wildfire
Turkeys were given away to needy people
Simonne's back got better
My arm healed better than any other Keinboch patient the doctor has seen (must be the raw milk)
We rebuilt the hay barn
We decided to keep Daisy
 (it's still up for grabs if this should go in the bad thing or good thing.
 So far good thing.)
I was accepted as a committee member on the municipal tourism board. (which I actually love attending meetings. This coming from a person who abhors meetings)
I had an article published in a local paper
See below....

My rooster picture got published in Backyard Poultry calendar.
See below...

So maybe 2014 wasn't so bad....
Well it's still up for debate.
Hopefully the Lord will bless us with a fantabulous 2015!

I haven't talked much about Christmas...
Well I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas.

I love what Christmas stands for, the birth of our Lord and Saviour.

But I HATE the commercialism that goes along with it.
Especially when you work in retail.  You have to get in the spirit in late September, so by the time that Christmas does roll around you are sick of seeing all the hustle and bustle and Christmas carols....oh don't get me started on those!  If I hear Harry Connick Jr.'s Christmas CD one more time, I shall puke!

Now that I've ranted about that, well I love Christmas.  I would love a Christmas with minimum ornaments and lots of church, food, family and friends. That's what Christmas is really about.

But now I've gotten that off  my chest, Dave kept asking what I wanted for Christmas.

I had no clue.  

Then I said I wanted a digital thermometer.

My new obsession. 
Yes, I'm strange.

I just wanted to be able to tell how cold it was outside before I got outside.

The only way I could tell was by looking at the rhododendron leaves and it can only tell me
-put your hat and boots on
-and your nostrils are going to stick together when you breath in cold.

So Voila! Monsieur Temp Minder.
Isn't he handsome? This morning it was so cold that he didn't even know how cold it was!
But like clockwork, every morning and every night I mark down the temperature on the calendar.

I am a dweeb.

Have a Blessed Evening


  1. Lisa, yeah, it's cold here too. Yesterday, on the coldest day ever with the temperature only 1 degree and the wind blowing about 30 to 40 MPH, my daughter calls and pleads for help. She has a flat tire with no spare. So it was time to suit up for artic weather temps and head out to change a flat tire. I wish the manufacturing of airless tires would hurry up and get here. Outside things seem to happen on the most adverse weather days possible. Do you ever feel like Murphy from Murphy's law lives at your house? He definitely resides here at times.

    Have a great 2015 day.

  2. That's what we do though. We take the good with the bad and make the best of it. Here's to a fabulous 2015 for you and your family!


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