Sunday, February 15, 2015


Holy Catfish Batman!

Enough with the blizzards!

We've had snow storm after snow storm after snow storm.
It's not stopping.  

We do have blizzards, but then we usually get rain and away goes the snow.
Not this year.

No sirreeee!!

Global warming has passed us by.

This picture was taken after the first of many blizzards.
I haven't taken any since, but let's put it this can't see the fire pit on the right or the red tub in the back and the snow is almost up to the base of the bird feeder.

Dave had to plow a road to dump the manure that had accumulated in the trailer. But the problem now is that it's gotten so cold (which is strange for us) that everything is frozen to the ground and I can't shovel it! I hate a dirty barn.

I can't put the goats out because the snow is as high as the fence and they'll walk over it.
They've become hormonal so I had to separate them. Maybe they're shackwacky also.
Who knows!?

This was yesterday. We had a calm before the storm day.
The chickens aren't going to see the light of day for awhile now.  Maybe July.

I love winter, but this year is foolish.

I'm going shackwacky! 

Will I ever see my raised veggie beds ever again?!

Have a Blessed Evening.

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