Monday, July 27, 2015

Flower Power!!

I know ya'll come to my blog for the awesome goat pictures

But for once we are going to have a change of pace.

No goat pics



Just tranquil pictures of my flowers around the property.

So sit back and enjoy the peaceful 

flower pictures.

Flamingo Willow

Dianthus...I think


Snow pea flower



Bee Balm

Different colour Bee Balm
Tree lily
Tree lily (these lilies are taller than I am)

See now wasn't that soothing.

Ok, I couldn't leave without one picture...

The Minions!

Have a Blessed Evening!



  1. Lisa, goats and flowers both make for good pictures, don't you think. Your flowers are amazing. I should include more flowers in my gardens but just haven't done it yet. Good intentions don't get things done, do they. I'm still building the fence to keep the deer out of the garden I'm down to four panels left to get the six foot wooden fence totally done. I'm using free used cedar fence panels that need some repair so the building is going slow. Along with other life issues that seem to get in the way, the fence has taken way longer than I had anticipated. So far the deer have only destroyed the strawberries but I can see evidence of them being in the garden every time I visit. Hopefully, the wooden fence will slow down the raccoons as well and keep them out of the sweet corn. Yes, that would be nice.

    Have a great flower enjoying day.

    1. Even though I live in the woods, I don't have any deer in the area. Mink, coyotes, the occasional raccoon yes, deer no. I don't even have squirrels!

  2. Love the flower pictures. Is lavender hard to grow? I love the color.

    1. Oh my! Sorry I just saw your comment now. As long as you get a hardy kind of lavender it's not too bad. I've found that if you buy the largest plants you can afford they have a better chance of surviving the winter. I've bought small healthy plants before and they almost never make the winter. And our winters are relatively mild (with last winter as an exception).


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