Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ta Dah!!!!

So! How ya'll like it?!

Pretty awesome I would say.  

Yes, I'm talking about my new blog layout.

I'm so proud of myself....

for finding someone that can actually do it for me.
Ha Ha!
Almost got ya!

I can't do that. 

Are you kidding me?!

I found out that my new helper is a blog and website wiz!

So guess what I put her to do?
Revamp my blog and website.
She's still working on the website cause there was a lot to fix in that one.
But when it's done I'll let you guys know and you can go and check it out.
She's even putting a recipe section!!

Ok, so what's up with these funky weird pictures I've got here.
Well since this year I planted some heirloom variety seeds, that means I can actually save the seeds.

This is my first attempt at doing it.

By mistake (or just sheer laziness) I let my bok choi go to seed.
I was going to gather the seeds before they dried and dry them inside but my friend Alice
at Ouest Ville Perennials told me to let them dry on the plant outside. Then bring them in.
So that's what I did.

They look a bit nasty, but these are bok choi seed pods

These are just the pods in a bag.

I shook the bag and here they are!

Bok choi seeds.

All ready for next spring planting!
I can't wait!!!

Come on spring!

Oh yea, I have to go through autumn and winter first.

Have a Blessed Evening

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