Sunday, December 27, 2015


Last year while at work I was listening to the local radio station.
It's an english radio station and it's not really local.  
It's about an hour away. So our Home Hardware store doesn't advertise on it because there's three more localler (if that's a word) Home Hardware stores around it.

There's one small convenience store that does advertise on it and I just love their commercials.
One of the employees changes his voice and personality to make fun of the boss
and advertise the specials of that week. 
It's really funny and gets your attention.

I thought I wish our store could do that. 
But the only radio station we would be able to advertise is the local french station
which is just up the road from my house. (and most of our customers are english and don't understand a lick of french.)

But I approached my boss about doing it on the french station anyway.
He loved the idea!
So I approached the radio station and they loved the idea also. They had been hoping some of their advertisers would do something like that.

So with that Agnes and Bernadette were born...I mean created.
Two elderly sisters.
My friend Susan works with me and she's also Acadian French like I am.
So she's Agnes and I'm Bernadette.

People love listening to the commercials on the radio.
We're not like the other store that makes fun of the boss.
That's going a bit too far and disrespectful.

But we're not opposed to insulting each other while we advertise what's going on at the store.
Like two little cantankerous old ladies are apt to do.

Then for the staff Christmas party, our boss approached us to do a little skit, to put faces to Bernadette and Agnes. And this way, the rest of the staff can see what we do.

That led to our P.R. person asking if we'd do "commercials" for the store's Utube account.

So here's our first two ads.

I hope you enjoy them. 

Have a Blessed Day

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