Thursday, July 26, 2018

Jeepers Creepers!

This summer I promised that we'd visit small, hidden places in Nova Scotia.

So a few weeks ago Dave and I, along with our friends Rosemary and Paul,
set out to see the elusive "Drowned Forest".
Dave and I had been there high tide.
We didn't realize you could only see it at low tide.

So I said to Dave that this year we were going again....
at low tide.

The Drowned Forest or Petrified Forest is located at
The Hawk. 
Ya and even the name sounds cool.

I guess it's been there for 1500 years. I took pictures and pictures and more pictures.

Kinda creepy

Then today I read an article. Something even stranger than the Drowned Forest.

I took these pictures thinking they were part of the forest
but are they.....

From the article it seems that these are not part of the forest.

After our visit to the forest we headed to something even creepier...

The Shag Harbour UFO museum.

Can you see the resemblance?
This all happened on October 4, 1967.
A few months after I was born.
Were they coming to get me? Am I one of them?

Next to Roswell this is one of the best documented UFO case.

It was a great day. 
Great friends, great weather. We stopped at the Dennis Point Cafe 
for super seafood chowder.

The point of this post is that you should always check
out what's around you. 
There's plenty of cool places right next door.
No need for exotic locales. There's plenty just around the bend.

Have a Blessed Evening

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