Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Spring fling

Things started off a bit slow in the gardening department.
I had to replace a few cucumber plants because they just up
and died on me.   And pretty much all the tomatoes I had
started from seed bit the biscuit.  
So I went out and bought new ones.
I'm not sure what the heck I did but 
oh and learn.

The temperatures are finally steadying. But like most years
now, we need the rain.  I remember back in the day, springs
were  so wet.  Like they're supposed to be.
Not anymore.
But thank goodness for our new well...(see last post )  

It's also lupin season in Southwest Nova Scotia.
I find they're lovely. When I was younger I didn't
like them all that much. 
I guess my tastes are maturing as I 
get older.

Well for the 8th straight day, Nova Scotia has no new cases
of Covid-19.  There are only 2 active cases in the province. Both are in
the hospital.  I hope they recover soon.  It's bad enough the deaths
we have already had. We don't won't more families suffering
the loss of a loved one.

And yes, I remember a few posts back saying I wouldn't mention it.
But it's hard not to when it's the  only thing happening.

It's rhubarb season!! My patch did well, but I didn't harvest too 
many because  we don't eat it all that much. So I picked a bit  
and froze it for desserts this winter.

If  things keep going well like they are, we are going to have 
a ton of blueberries, strawberries, plums and even a few cherries!!
The bees have been doing their job. Wowsers! 

Speaking of bees....we picked up our new nuc a week and a half ago.
They seem to be  settling  well.  We are feeding them
sugar water at the moment, so they can concentrate
on setting up housekeeping instead of foraging for food.

Here's Dave putting them in their new home.

Saturday was a beautiful day. So we went to the Annapolis gardens.
They have opened  their doors  and lowered the entry fee.
It's a beautiful spot.
The rhodos were in full bloom.

Friends met us there and they took our picture.
Since restaurants can now serve at half capacity
we ate at the German bakery in Annapolis Royal.
Oh my word! You gotta eat there!
It was so good!!

I love my province and I love my municipality. I'm a proud Acadian.  
Yet I usually only put pictures of our property or places we visit.
I've been walking a lot on the local beaches lately, especially ones
that most people don't go to. 
So I thought it was high time to show you guys a few pictures of
our great municipality of Clare! 

We have awesome beaches.  Some are sandy, some are rugged.
All are gorgeous.

This is Saulnierville Beach at low tide.

Most of you don't realize that we have the highest tides in the
world in this neck of the woods.

But from now on I'll be adding pictures of our area. Just to tempt
people to come and visit when things get better.

Check us out!

Well I guess it's time to go put the chickens to bed and weed a garden or two.

Have a blessed day!

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