Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Clothesline debate.


How many of you have a clothesline?

I'm able to use mine again and I'm very happy about this. I love my clothesline. That's one of the things I look forward to the most in the spring. Every time I put a piece of clothing on the line I think of how nice it smells when you take them off, how much money I'm saving and of how domestic it all is.

But as I was putting the clothes on the line I also notice how I put the clothes up and why I put them up like that.

I have to make sure that they line up correctly. The large items together, the facecloths together, the hand towels, the towels etc...socks, undies, bras etc..

Why do I do this? I know I'm not the only one either. I drive by other people's houses and there they are. Everything all in a row.

Do the clothes dry better that way? I don't think so. Do they come off the line easier. Naw! So can someone tell me why we do this? Is it actually just for looks?

Dave once put clothes on the line at his mother's house just willy nilly. Well! you'd think that a lightning bolt was going to strike him dead on the spot. His mother had a fit, walked right out and put them on "properly".

But today I actually found someone worse than my mother in law.

This woman shall remain unnamed. But her daughter told me that she's got three clotheslines. One is in public view. This one will contain towels, shirts and jeans/pants. The second one is a bit smaller and it holds hand towels and facecloths. Then, there is a third smaller line. This one is hidden from all public view. It dries bras, undies and socks.

She also told me that as she takes the clothes out of the washer the jeans have to come out first so they'll be last on the line. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh. I thought I was bad.

But honestly I'm not that bad. These photos prove it. I don't measure to make sure all towels are the same length on the line, I do actually forget a facecloth and stick it in the middle of the towels. Many times a sock get forgotten and it finds its way in the middle of the jeans or shorts.

But Dave loves to put them all scattered on the line. I think that he likes to aggravate me.

So here's the debate or really just your opinion.

Do you put your clothes all nice and neat on the line or willy nilly?

While I'm at your line on a pulley or just a rope strung between two poles?
Do you hang your pants by the legs or the waist?
Plastic or wooden pegs?
How long is your line?

Have a Blessed day!


  1. Kind of, but not. I do put the towels and wash clothes together, but that is cause they are washed together. I hang the pant by the waist, shirts by the collar. I used to like the clothes line but sometimes it's a drag and I like the dryer better. But I know I save money when I do the line. Also, wood cloths pens, not peg.

  2. I was sure I commented on this post, but must have deleated it or something so here goes again...

    Yes, I hang clothes out and usually I'll put them in groups that match but occasionally I'll have a hodge podge load and will just throw them up as they come out of the basket.

    I do pants by the waist and shirts by the hem.

    Why are your lines so hight up in the air?

  3. That's the way the property is. It goes across a hill and up over the barn. It's the only place that we could put it. Myself, I'd rather have one with no pulley. Just a line. But we have to place to put one like that.

  4. We just got our clothesline up finally! I love it too. I find it kinda zen to hang the clothes up, though I must admit at 107 degrees the zen part gets a little weak LOL..


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