Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This week in farming

Well so far this week things are better.

After we took stock of the chickens we discovered that the mink had killed mostly roosters that we were going to snuff anyway and older hens. With the exception of Hawky and Grisette I don't really mind losing the others. We will be without the usual amount of eggs till the new hens start to lay, but at least we are getting 2-3 eggs a day. Enough for us.

What I can't figure out is that he didn't bother the ducks. They always go after the ducks. Weird.

We had quite the thunder and rain showers this morning. So bad that I didn't want to put the goats out.

Awaiting the batter....yummm

J. and I have been baking again. Oh, and btw the cookies didn't get to the old lady. I brought them to my mother's house and she had company. Needless to say, they didn't make it.

This time we made cupcakes.

Batter time!

When I was a little girl my mother would make cake or cupcakes and I never got to lick the bowl. She'd hardly leave anything in the bowl. So now that I'm a mom I make sure there's plenty to lick in the bowl. As a matter of fact...we eat the raw batter and what's left is what we cook.

Now when we do this it's only for us. I don't give these cupcakes to anyone since we are severely double dipping in the bowl. When I make cupcakes for other people we don't eat the batter.

Anyway, here's the finally product. I mean you gotta have sprinkles!!

Tundra is doing well. Dave brought her to the vet yesterday for a checkup and needles. I guess Parvo is getting very common in this area. The vet says that she's the picture of health. She's got no heart murmur. I guess that breed is known for them.(this I didn't know) And we'll only know when she's closer to 2 years old if she'll have hip dysplacia. But neither of her parents had it so it should be good.

She's lost all shyness and boy oh boy can she pee. I know we should crate train her, but I just don't have the heart to do it. I mean, I don't want to be stuck in a crate all day long. So I can't imagine a dog would. But we'll try this for now. I asked Dave if he got her bladder checked since I think it must be the size of a mustard seed. He then said, "why do you think there are so many P's in the word Puppy!" Ha Ha very funny Dave.

The goats are kinda warming up to her. They aren't super sure what to think. I let her loose alone. I still just bring her in my arms around them. When she 's bigger I'll let her loose with them. Oh and the vet said by Christmas she'll be 100 lbs! Yikes! She'll only be 6 months by then. She said it's a good idea to change her puppy chow to puppy chow for giant dogs. Regular puppy chow is not good for large dogs. It makes them grow too fast and it's not good for their bones.

Well that's it for today.

Have a Blessed evening.


  1. I have had, a time or two, made a double batch of cake batter as I know that not all of it will end up in the cake pan. Puppy looks way to cute to be a guard dog. Your Dave has a funny bone for sure.

  2. I am a bowl licker too. Those cupcakes sure look yummy!

  3. Those cupcakes look great! I hear parvo is really getting out of hand in some areas. That is some bad stuff. Glad your pup has avoided it.


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