Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Musings!!

Today is a beautiful day. It snowed again through the night and we awoke to a winter wonderland. We stayed home from church since Dave had to fix the snowblower before we could get out of the driveway. Yup, Red Green fixed the blower. He actually found one for 100 bucks! A new one. How lucky was that! Because everyone else wanted 350+ !!

Hmmm...I don't think that this whole is supposed to be there. Do you?

So now we have a happy Red Green snowblowing his driveway. So that means I can go to work tomorrow. crap.

A happy Red Green!

J. and I also went outside. Him to sled, me to take photos. I figured that it was time to take more barnyard photos.

I love going out in the snow when it's not windy and the sun is shining.

Cindi Lou and Tomi



J. loves it to! I took several photos of him and then decided that the animals needed attention. I got a few out of the pen, then I decided I'd get a few in the pen. They were all ready for me.

Out they all flew!! So I yelled to J. to corral them in the barn. Since the snowblower was going I didn't want them to go everywhere willy-nilly. I closed the gate before Tomi got out. So after everyone was safe in the barn I went back for Tomi. By now he was scared of the snowblower. I finally coaxed him out. I took some doing.

You want me to go where?

Ummmm...I don't think so! Maybe I can make a run for it!!!

That's the scary monster!

Then I noticed that Red Green had stopped. He was in a life and death situation with a large 50 ft green snake! (garden hose, that was never put away) Opps! After a struggle with just a small box knife, he came out safe and won!! He lived to snow blow another day.

Green snake carcass in the blades

Part of Dave's trophy! I wonder if we should mount it in the living room?

All the excitement over I went to visit the chickens. This years hens are wimps. I've never had hens that didn't like the snow. These ones will NOT go outside in the snow. Weird. I guess it's too much for their delicate toes.

Speckles. Hen or Rooster?

I do have one hen...Speckles. We have no clue if it's a hen or a rooster. She's not plump like a hen, and she struts her stuff like a rooster does, but she doesn't crow. I've never seen her lay an egg. Well as if I've seen any of the other ones lay. phffft! But she's never gone on the nest. Strange.

I'm soooo excited!!!We are getting business cards! People ask for one everywhere we go. So I guess we should get some. Vistaprint makes them 250 for just the shipping. That's not bad.

Well that's it for today. I have company coming over for supper. We're going to have rappie pie.

Have a Blessed Day.


  1. Glad that the "snake" lost the battle. I wonder who left it out? When I had goats mine never went outside, they did not like the snow and I would have to really coax them out. My chickens also don't like the snow.

  2. That was a battle I’d say--mounting it would be a great idea :) LOL Glad he was able to find another snow blower. I got my business cards from Vista Print-I like them and thought they were great.
    My chickens will come out in about any weather for the most part. It’s funny how some won’t :) That funny about your hen.rooster-you could call him.her Pat (remember that Saturday NIght Live skit?

  3. Speckles is an Egyptian HEN, she would be laying a smallish average white egg.


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