Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Fever!

Spring is in the air! WOOOHOOO!!!!

First day of spring and it was a nice one. I let the cannibals loose this afternoon and they were all happy as clams!

This is another problem we have here on the farm. This year our chickens a.k.a the cannibals, are eating their eggs. We almost have to catch the egg coming out of their butt if we don't want them to peck at it! It's very aggravating!

The cannibals!

A few days ago, Dave had taken the eggs out and left them on a shelf in the barn. I didn't know this. I let the cannibals out of their pen to enjoy the sun. The barn door was also open. While I'm making supper I tell Dave, "Oh, look at that! Aren't they cute? Those two hens must have found something to eat on that shelf! Cute!!!"

So Dave comes to see the show and yells, "Their going to the fricot pot! That's it! Their done! That's eggs I left there! They're eating the eggs!!!"

The single cannibal

Then he runs out screaming, "I'm going to wring their scrawny little necks!!"

But they were gone by the time he got there. Phew!

Speaking of cannibals...Dave and J. have started eating frog legs!! I mean that is so wrong on so many levels! For one thing, we are Spring Peeper Farm...The peepers on the farm should be carefree...not worry about the owner coming and eating their little legs! Think of all the frogs around on little crutches!

Second! I'm French...I'm not eating my cousins! That is like the chickens! It would be cannibalism!

Okay, I'm pushing it, aren't I? Oh well, I'm still not going to eat some. J. is too much like his father. He'll try anything once. Ugh.

Saturday, while I was at work Dave was a busy little beaver. He cleaned the chicken coop (after the whole winter yuck), cleaned the goat pen AND tilled the gardens! He also discovered the carrots I had left in the garden to over-winter. He discovered them BEFORE he tilled.

My overwintered carrots

I was afraid that they were going to be mushy, but alas! They are very good and firm.

We have come to the conclusion that we are going to have to get a shock collar for Tundra. I have been fighting this decision for a long time. We have tried everything to stop her from "playing" with the goats, but it's gotten down to the point that she is going to hurt them if we don't do anything. She's already hurt Cindi Lou once and we had to bring her to the vet. I know to her she's just playing, but the goats don't appreciate it. It's gotten to the point I'm afraid that she might make one miscarry.

Bad girl

We've been told by several people that these collars work well. She's a very smart dog. I don't think we'll have to use it long on her before she gets the point. We are definately not going to use to high settings. I'm hoping the vibration setting will work.

Cindi Lou is just about back to normal. She had a severe kidney infection. The urine sample I brought to our local vet looked like a cross between red wine and grape jelly. Not good.

But after a week on anti-biotic shots, her urine is fine and she's eating well again. Somehow she got her back leg hurt this time. I'm assuming it's Tundra again. My coworker's daughter is going to university to become a vet. I told her I could save her a whole lots of money. Get goats, by the time your done, you've pretty much done everything, know everything and tried everything in the veterinary sciences!

This is what I have to deal with when I come in with treats!

Cindi Lou is starting her udder already! She still has 4 weeks to go. I think she's going to be an excellent little milker. Already when I put her in the milking stand she just stays there. When you put your hand on her belly and then her udder, she does that little goat squat like she wants to be milked. She doesn't kick or squirm. I hope it lasts.

Today I noticed that I had a weird thing on my ivy outside. Can anyone identify this? I didn't think that ivies had seed pods or flowers? What do you think?

Well I think it's time for bed. Our belly dancing instructor was hard on us tonight. I'm pooped and sore.

Have a Blessed Evening.



  1. My chickens are pecking at the eggs too. I go out twice a day to collect eggs, and that has helped some.

  2. I didn't know chickens pecked at their eggs. Are they hungry? I'm glad Cindi Lou is so much better.

  3. Our chickens did that too for a while. Never figured out why, but they seemed to go in spurts of eating them then not and it was spring too so maybe they needed some of the nutrients?

    We had to use a shock collar on our dog Lucky when we first got him as he had been left out in a yard by himself since he was a pup and turned into a barking maniac (not to mention a hole digger). It didn't take him long to figure out that the barking for no reason had to stop. I'll tell you also that my hubby tried the collar out on himself to be sure it wasn't too crule- boy was that funny!


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