Saturday, March 12, 2011

What I do for my goats!!

We've noticed a few days ago, that Cindi Lou had a pronounced limp. She was also not eating well. So yesterday we packed her up IN THE CAR! and drove 2 hours to the goat vet.

Well it's not her leg, it's her "shoulder". He gave her an injection of anti inflammatory meds and instructions and meds for 2 more doses. He figures it's her nerves in her shoulder that somehow got aggravated.

He also "bounced" her and she's really preggers. I'm glad to have that confirmed. He could only feel one, but that's ok. Other than that he said she was the perfect size for her age. Not too fat, not too skinny.

He also gave me advice on feed and hoof trimming. He said we were doing a great job, but just one spot we missed. An hour's worth of vet brain for the bargain price of 76$!! He's so good and inexpensive. He's worth the 2 hour drive even at the price of gas!!

I just wish he was closer. The vets around here have NO clue about goats, only cats, dogs, horses and cows. That's the extent of their knowledge, which is really too bad since there are so many goat people around here.

Other goat friends of mine, have had 3 does miscarry. Not good. Then another one had triplets 2 were stillborn. They are having hard luck this year. It must be so discouraging.

I just hope that Cindi Lou makes a full recovery. She's not eating still and she needs energy for the baby. If she's still not eating by tomorrow or Monday I'll have to make another trip up, but the good thing is that I'll only be 2 minutes away from the vet since J. and I are leaving tomorrow for a three day hockey tournament in that area.

Have a Blessed Day!!



  1. Hope Cindi Lou gets well quickly. and I hope she carries fine :O)

  2. That is about the way it is for vets here.. I have one an hour away that does okay... Hope the meds do the trick for the leg.

  3. Poor Cindi Lou! I hope she's feeling better soon. That must have been some trip with a goat in the car. ;)

  4. I hope Cindy Lou is ok and doing better. Bless her heart. I have the same problem here--vets are primarily dog, cat and horse--they dont’ know anything about pigs, chickens, sheep. It’s tough. I don’t have goats yet but want them so badly. We need better farm vets!

  5. The things we do for our animals! Did you get a pic of her sitting pretty in the back seat? Congrats that she is preggers. Hope she makes a fast recovery with her shoulder and starts eating more.


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