Thursday, April 7, 2011

And then there was two....

This time last year we had 5 cats. Now we have 2. We only have one in the house now. Binoo. Daisy is gone. She chewed her last electrical cord. That's all I have to saw about that.

Outside we had Shadow, Tootsie and Duke. Now we only have Duke. What happened to the other ones will remain a mystery. Again, we figure coyotes. Now that we have Tundra we don't see them on the property as much anymore, but the cats don't stay on the property. They like going in the woods. That's where the problem lies. The coyotes are just pacing and waiting to come on our land. Dave heard them yesterday morning and they were close. I heard one after supper. It's still light out. They don't wait for darkness anymore.

Febe giving me some lip and the evil eye!

Today Dave was a busy little beaver. He remodeled the goat pen. It used to be one big one and one tiny one. Now it's three regular size ones. Febe wasn't letting Cindi Lou eat enough so something needed to be done. I was also concerned when the kids were born. Was Febe going to be aggressive towards Cindi's kids. Hmmmm...yup. So this will be better. I moved them tonight. Tommy is freaked out, and Febe is not a happy camper. Cindi Lou is happier than pig in slop! Or happier than a goat in a briar patch! She can eat what she wants, when she wants, as fast or as slow as she wants! Happy goat!

One happy Cindi Lou, ready to eat to her little heart's desire.

We got two calves for our winter beef. We've been bottle feeding them like we did last year. We were only going to have one, but Dave had called two dairies. One called and we picked up calf number one. He was huge! Then three days later the other dairy calls. So Sunday we went and picked up calf number deux. This one was small. Honestly I have no idea what we are going to do with two of them. One is enough. We'll probably end up selling one of them.

Oh their names are Mooocher

And Teddy.

How on earth can anyone eat a steak called Teddy?

Well I don't think the eggs in the incubator are doing anything. I've been candling them but all I see is a big mass on just one side. Strange. It's in almost all of them. This doesn't sound too promising. One week to go.

Well that's it for this week.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Love the update! The calves are very cute!

  2. Poor kitty! I had to laugh at her demise though. Isn't that awful! I love your goats and I couldn't name cows that I was going to eat either. ;)

  3. We've had the same kind of cat reduction at our place as well and last fall had a terrible mole problem. The Hubby let the kids get some new cats in hopes that they will take care of the problem.

    Very sweet calves. So you only raise the calves up till fall, then put them in the freezer? How much do they usually weight by then? And why kind are they? We are hoping to put at least one of ours in the freezer this summer. I'm thinking ours must grow slower than yours, or different feed/breed. Something..

    What happened with your Church? Did they find out why it caught fire yet?

  4. Kellie,
    They are just dairy cows. I'm not sure what the breed is. They aren't big by fall. I think they dress out at around 150 (don't quote me on this) but we are only a family of 3 so that goes far. They only thing I don't like is the hamburg. That young it's got no flavour. This year our butcher said he'll mix some of his old cows with our young ones for flavour.

    So far we've had nothing on the church.


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