Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whirly Gigs, Udders and Spring Flings!

Well one bad thing about a goat having a single kid is that there might be the possibility of it suckling on just one teat.

Well we seem to be having this problem with Cindi Lou. Prince William is only eating from one side. Soooooo.....this is what we are dealing with!

This is so wrong

One very lopsided udder. They say that a seasoned milker is worth their weight in gold. Well guess what....They're RIGHT!

Not only does Cindi Lou have a lopsided udder, she kicks and jumps and POOPS on the milking stand. I have to pick her up and put her on it. She has very bad milking manners. I really thought that she'd be a good milker. Before she was bred she'd jump on the stand, let me feel her udder, stand still as a statue. A perfect little milker in the making.


She had a baby. ugh. So now to even out the udder we have to milk her twice a day. It's coming along. The other side is getting bigger. We probably got it just in time. It wasn't producing much milk either, but it's getting better. We have to use the hobble. I don't like to but until she calms down we have no choice. Tonight was the first night she didn't poop on the stand.

Dave fighting with Cindi, even with a hobble.

But she seems to be more tolerant with J. milking her. So doesn't move with him milking. So he might have found himself a job.


It was chick days last Tuesday. We got 24 laying hens and 15 meat kings. So far they are all doing well. Since the incubator massacre I needed to get more laying hens. I find those brown layers are so boring but this year I've got no choice.

This weekend Dave and J. packed up the soap and went to Pubnico for their gardeners Spring Fling! I, of course, was working. He sold a whack of soaps and Epicure and met alot of people.

Our table at the Spring Fling

J. even had his own table with fudge and beach glass pendants he had made.

A guy with whirly gigs gave one to him, another vendor gave him a daylily plant and another vendor gave him chocolates! He made out like a bandit!

Table with rock paintings. Look on the right, the pug rock.



He bought a painted rock from a lady. It has a fox on it. It's really nice. I wish I could paint half as good.

Well I'll leave you all with cute pictures of baby animals.

No, he's not stuck. Just nosey.

Tigger the cutie!

Have a Blessed Day.


  1. Oh MY! What an udder! Poor gal! Glad you are able to get her milked down.

    Tis the season of baby animals.. They sure are sweet.

  2. I was thinking the same think...poor goat.

    Those painted rocks are interesting. I like the ones I've seen that look like curled up cats.

  3. Yea, that's a funny udder. Thankfully you can milk her out and get SOMEthing out of her - my doe freshened with NO milk (and she's 5!). So much for being the family milk goat. . . I got swindled.


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