Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Farm Day

Yesterday was a fun, fun day!

I had registered us for a family farm day. I had seen the ad in the magazine Rural Delivery. It was a day filled with seminars and interactive displays. What first drew me to the ad was the words "Goat Nutrition!" That's all they needed to have me hooked!!

Goat things are just about impossible to find around here and goat information even more so.

Registration was a reasonable 25$ and you got a ten dollar meal ticket. So really it was 15$ for the entire family. Mind you....we had to drive 2 hours to get there.

On top of the goat nutrition seminar, I listened to a women's panel, and marketing your produce. All were interesting, but the marketing your produce really didn't apply to me. I did take some pointers home. Dave listened to working your farm with animals.

J. made butter and went on hayrides.

Making butter, shake, shake, shake!!

Lunch was catered and really good!! I don't like potato salad, but this one was to die for!!!

During lunch you could go see the displays. I bought heritage seeds for next year and got up close and personal with honeybees! I was amazed to be that close to an open hive and not freak out! Maybe some day.....sigh....

The bee man!

While waiting in line to register we struck up a conversation with this nice man. We asked him what he farmed and he asked the same of us. We told him dairy goats and how we wish the government would let people sell raw goats milk and cheese. We let our opinions known that the government was saying one thing and doing another etc....

Well FYI...you never know who you're talking to. When we all gathered in one of the halls for opening speeches etc...we were kinda surprised to see that one of the special guests was that guy we were talking to in the lineup. He was the local government official for that area...ooopps! He actually mentioned that he had been talking to a couple in the lineup and totally agreed with what that couple was saying... Well ya never know.

Have a Blessed day!


  1. That looks like a fun day! I just love places like that!

  2. God works in mysterious ways!

  3. What a great way to get to meet other people who are living the farm life too.

  4. A fine idea to learn new things and meet new folks :) Looked like a fun day.

  5. Glad to hear you had a good day,we were supposed to attend but circumstances changed our plans.
    The bee guy,George, is my honey supplier and lives just over the road from our farm.
    I try to attend all farm days,there is another coming up the last weekend of the month (Aug) in the same area.


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