Sunday, July 31, 2011


I woke up this morning to a dead doeling.

Yesterday it rained and rained plus we had lots of thunder and lightning, so before going to the farmer's market I made sure that the goats were inside. Everyone seemed fine. Marygold wasn't particularly lively, but all my goats are sluggish in the rain. So I didn't think too much of it. I checked on them that afternoon and everyone was still the same.

Then after supper our pastor and his family came over for a visit. He's a goat farmer too. He said that Marygold seemed to be limping. So I figured that was the reason for her "sitting"down. I brought her out of her pen and made her walk around. No limp. Honestly, she seemed fine.

Then after they left I checked on her again. Her belly seemed a bit hard, so I figured she might need a bit of help burping. So I massaged her belly. Then I checked her eye lids. They were rather pale so since it was rather late, I figured that I'd deworm her in the morning. But her poop was fine.

Then at 4am I woke up and had an awful feeling that she was gone. I figured I was just nuts and tried to go back to sleep, but it kept bugging me. I finally fell asleep. Then this morning I quickly went to milk and check up on her.

I was devastated when I saw that she had passed in the night. When I got "the feeling" I should have gotten up and checked on her.

We are bringing her to the vet tomorrow for an autopsy. My main concern is that something is contagious.

So until tomorrow I'll just have to keep wondering.

Have a Blessed day.


  1. I'm so sorry. I treat my animals just like my children.

  2. I know how heartbreaking that is...I am so sorry.

  3. I am sorry, its hard when we loose one.

  4. Lisa, sorry to hear about your loss. It's always difficult to know what to do when animals get sick. I hope that she doesn't have any thing that will affect the rest of your animals. The circle of life on the farm can be a sad thing sometimes. My prayers go out to you and your farm animals.

  5. Sorry to hear about your loss. It's hard to lose one of the farm family. Hope the vet can give you an idea of what happened, but even if there isn't a definate "cause", don't fret too much, sometimes things happen regardless of how much we try to keep everying in order.

    BTW, New follower, have some back reading to do, found you over at Razzberry Corner

  6. Oh, that is terrible Lisa! I wonder what happened? Probably a good idea to do the autopsy since she had been healthy and took a turn so quickly. I sure hope it is nothting contagious. Take care.

  7. Nice to meet you Carolyn, I hope you like my blog. Keep on commenting. I love comments!


  8. So very sorry to hear about Marygold. She was loved for her time with you and there was nothing you could have done, so remember not to blame yourself. Always a learning experience when we lose an animal family member, but a very painful one.


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