Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Solstice Gathering

Ok, I know, I know...

I'm weird, I'm a bit strange. I know this and some people might question my beliefs, but on December 21st we were invited to a winter solstice gathering. Definately not your usual, normal Wesleyan church gathering.

We are devout Christians. So why on earth would we want to participate in a winter solstice/drumming gathering.

Well.... I like to try different things. I like to see how other people celebrate different things.

I have a strong belief in tolerance. As much as I wish we were all born again Christians, I know it's not going to happen. So we should learn about one another and each other's beliefs. Maybe, just maybe if everyone held to this way of thinking there would be a lot less wars.

Maybe, maybe not.

Having said all this, I would not have attended this gathering if I wasn't strong in my faith and Christian beliefs. It's so very easy to be swayed. I know some of my Christian friends will wonder if I've gone off the deep end.


Me and hubby

We did find it was a bit strange at first...but we knew most of the people there. We got there a bit late because I was working that day. We had a bite to eat and listened to the music and the drumming. The drumming was very soothing. I know, when I say that people think "How on earth can drumming be soothing." But it really was. After a while we joined in. They had some spare drums.

This summer we'd like to host a drumming session in our backyard.

When we first got there I told one of the women that I had half jokingly told my work colleagues that I hoped that we didn't dance naked around a bonfire! She said, "Oh heavens no! Not this year. It's raining out. Maybe next year." Then she said, "Just kidding!"


So...did I like this gathering? Yes! Did I find it a bit strange? mmmm yes. Would I go again? Oh Yes! Most definately. Am I crazy? Oh yeah. So what else is new.

Have a Blessed Evening and a Merry Christmas!



  1. I like to explore different things too. Have a great Christmas!

  2. It's truly wonderful when one, even one steadfast in their faith, can join in the celebrations of another.

    Merry Christmas, and hope your Solstice Celebration was an Enlightening (pun intended!) experience!

  3. Nothing like opening your mind and exploring new things. I like solstice celebrations, for me being from AK, we waited for the solstice to mark the gaining of sunlight and spring coming and the end of neverending days as well. Never had the drumming aspect of it, but sure why not :)

    Hope your family had a great holiday.

  4. HI Lisa, I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas. I thought this post was very interesting and I echo the remark about being firm in your faith while celebrating the faith of others. Glad you enjoyed the drumming.


  5. Hi Lisa, would love to attend a drumming session, maybe next year I come with ya. We have drummers at the farm (Bellbrook) atleast twice a month, very much a hippy community thing. One day when we retire there, I'll go join them.


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