Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chick time!

Argh!!!Leave it to Blogger to screw up a nice photo!

We've gotten our chicks for this year.  We got Meat kings and laying hens.  The problem is that the coop needs to be enlarged and yet nobody can make it bigger.  Not sure what gonna happen there.

For the last few weeks I can't see everyone's wonderful photos. Something is screwy with my blogger account. Is anyone else having this problem?  I thought it was just me trying to see other photos, but tonight when I upload one of my photos I see that it's doing it to me too! 

The point of this photo was to show the chick's leg. It's all swollen, so I sprayed it with Blue Coat (and my fingers at the same time.) and brought him in the house.  J. was all in a panic because the other ones were picking on it. So we're going to try and save him/her. But now you cannot see the leg in the photo...or can you?  Let me know.

Also let me know if anyone else is having this problem.

Have a Blessed Evening

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  1. Blogger is slow for me, but I have no problems uploading or viewing pictures.

    Bummer about that chicks leg. Hope it makes it. We had a meat bird that broke it's leg, the hubby put a splint kind of thing on it and it healed up pretty good. Had a limp tho.


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