Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pisnak and the Scur

Pisnak and his sad horn.

We do all our own disbudding. We also do it for other people.  Hubby is really good at it.

I can't even be in the same room most of the time.  I usually serve tea and coffee to the human parents of these kids.  Because most can't handle it also.  Unfortunately it's a necessary evil of goat farming. Especially if you're selling them to 4Hers. 

Dave did Pisnak when he came here, but for some strange reason one side grew back. It grew wrong, weird and pointy.  We were able to get him in the disbudding box and redo one side, but he didn't dare do the other side.  Pisank got too strong and we couldn't hold him in the box safely without him getting hurt.  
Sooooo....guess what!?  Goat god extraordinaire showed up tonight at 7pm to fix Pisnak's horn.
I was having a meeting in our kitchen with the manager of the local farmer's market about selling my soap there also.  So I couldn't go out with Dr. MacHattie and Dave.  This was maybe a good thing.
Dave came in after and said, "You should be happy you didn't see that. He used big bone nippers.  and you could hear the crunch of the horn. "  Shudder... 

Thank goodness he was under anesthetic. Maybe Dave should have been also.

The following photo might offend some people.

It actually looks worse in person.

We had to keep checking on him to make sure that he didn't roll on his side while he was "out" so he wouldn't get bloat. We went to check on him about 15 minutes after the vet left. He was already up and about. But he had a pitiful cry. We sprayed Blue Coat on him and left him to sleep the rest off.  In case you're wondering...he's on pain killers and he left us more just in case.  He'll probably have one heck of a headache tomorrow.

I can hear him now, "I didn't think I drank that much.  Hiccup! Maybe that grain was fermenting. Give me a Tylenol!"

Have a Blessed Evening.

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