Saturday, April 13, 2013

Les P'tits Bois

Methinks I should pay more attention to my house plants! This plant was doing wonderfully but I would water it and the next day it would be bone dry! I couldn't figure out why, till I decided to re-pot it yesterday.

Mmmmm...ya think she was root-bound?

I could just hear the sigh of relief when I put her in her new home.

But I have a question for all of you...where did all the dirt go?
The pot was full of dirt and a little bit of roots a few years ago, so where the dirt magically disappear to? Hmmm?

Behind the local university the summer students have built paths through the woods and along the beach. It's really beautiful. They've name sections of it after the Canadian Provinces. We call the entire area
 Les P'tits Bois, The little woods.

They have feeders for the birds everywhere where people put bird seed and come to watch them eat.

So needless to say, with all those people coming through for leisurely walks, the squirrels and birds have gotten pretty tame.

If you bring seeds and go slowly, they will eat out of your hand. 

So my parents, Jamie and I decided to give it a go last weekend. 

We loved it! I also got excellent shots.

This is my favourite shot. I think this little guy was getting full.

Jamie and a black capped chickadee

Hmmmm....looks kinds good.

At the beginning of the winter I read lots of blogs talking about eating to the bottom your freezer.
Well that's kinda hard to do here since we have 4 freezers. But I was determined to get to the bottom of one and have it unplugged to save on hydro.  Well we succeeded!!!We ate through the whole thing.
I'm so proud of us! It's unplugged!!!And clean. Hmmm...maybe I should sell it and we'd have to make do with only three freezers. But in my defense, one is full of goat's milk for my soap.
Have a blessed day


  1. Those are great pictures! What a fun time with your family.

    We've got two freezers and managed to eat thru one this winter - it is cleaned and unplugged as well.

  2. What fun pictures of the birds and squirrels! :)
    I really need to repot some of my houseplants too. I wonder where the dirt DOES go?!?


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