Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Lost Lawn part deux

Remember last fall we got someone to help us with one raised bed?

Well spring is here and Jamie and I planted in that bed.

OH MY WORD!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my raised bed.

So I had to get some more before the real planting season began. 

So I commandeered my father to come and help me build them.

I really wanted the entire lawn filled, ( had enough wood for at least 2 more) but I can't afford anymore dirt right now. That stuff is expensive! Phew!

I paid $120 for a load of mink composted dirt.

At least mink are good for one thing. Their carcasses make excellent planting soil!

The soil might be rich and fertile, but it's kinda creepy. Look what I keep finding in it. Mink jawbones, pelvic bones, leg bones and ribs. Ick.

One load filled two beds.  I might have enough for a third bed if it's not too big. 

But it had started to rain, so I let me "help" go home.

So my lost lawn is slowly becoming more lost. 

Soon I'll have veggies and less gas used to mow the lawn.

It's a win/win situation. Well not completely...Jamie loves moving the lawn. 

He's not impressed. But he did love helping me plant in the new bed.

My only issue is that the cats love the beds also, and I don't need the extra manure ( if you know what I mean). Plus the chickens are no help.

So what to do.

Well Dave the hubby might not be able to use his brawn at the moment, but he's still using his brain. Here was his idea...

Jamie's old trampoline is just sitting there rotting away, so I took the netting off the darn thing and put it on the bed that was planted. It's got enough holes in it to let sun and rain go through, but annoying enough so the cats and chickens will leave it alone! Muahahahahaha!

I also have enough for two beds. It's also black so it'll retain the heat.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Have a Blessed evening


  1. Ok, I've heard of a lot of different types of compost (cotton hulls, equine/cow/goat/rabbit manure, worm castings, etc.) but I've never heard of mink compost! Do you guys have a mink farm nearby? I never would have thought of what they do with all the carcasses after being skinned. My daughter would have a BALL in that compost though, digging up all those "dinosaur" bones!

    1. We have so many mink farms around here it's not even funny. It's what keeps this area going. As much as I hate the little critters, if it wasn't for them, none of us would have a job.

  2. Finding all those bones would be a little creepy, ewwww! The "dirt" looks like black gold though! Good use of the old trampoline netting. :)

  3. Ditto that. I have buried deceased animals in my garden, but hadn't heard of something like that...Raised beds are the way to go here in No. AZ. Mine aren't as tidy as yours, though;) I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check it out here: http://mrsdshomestead.blogspot.com/2013/04/liebster-blog-award-wow.html

    1. Oh my! That's cool!!Thanks! Imagine how nice my blog would be if I could find the title!? But I'm working on it.

  4. Very good re-purposing idea for the old trampoline. Surprised your pups weren't in there too digging for the mink bones. Never heard of using mink for fertilizer, but whatever works right.

    Glad you are well :)

    1. The pups don't go outside without a leash. We live too close to the road.

  5. Where did you get the mink compost? Would love to get some.

  6. Oh my, that mink compost is kind of creepy in a way. I just use soil from the edge of my wooded areas and then amend it with sheep and goat poop. I love my 2 raised beds but would like about 6 more to cover the "front lawn" area so no mowing would be needed. Sigh. One thing at a time. Good to see the blog header working again! :)

    1. Thanks for the help! Now I wish I could put the header (the part that describes us) on the coloured part. But I'll leave it the way it is for now. I don't want to ruin it again.

  7. Replies
    1. We got the compost at Spec Resources in Concession.


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