Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meet Rusty the Rustbucket

Well we finally did it. We sold the Jetta.
I always said that I'd run that car into the ground, but things change.
As usual.

We bought Rusty the Rustbucket instead.
A farm with two cars is not feasible. We needed a truck.
Mind you, the Jetta has more than carried it's share of goats, pigs, dogs, cats, feed, chickens, hay etc...
You get the picture.
In my opinion, the Jetta was a farm vehicle. So I wanted to put farm plates on it.
(In NS, farm plates are a lot cheaper than regular plates)
But, alas, the government's opinion differs from my opinion on what constitutes a farm vehicle.

Meet Rusty!
Cars are not farm vehicles. Which is kinda funny. Not funny ha ha, but funny strange.
I know a lot of farmer/ranchers that have farm plates on their trucks but would never consider putting feed or anything of the sort in them. Yet, it's a farm vehicle.
So to please the government,  we got rid of the car and got a farm vehicle.
Rusty needs a bit of work and at the moment he's getting some body work done at the backyard mechanic that lives not far from here.

But hey, what can you expect for $800.

                                   Our very own farm plates. And yes, that jacket makes me look fat! But it's comfy.

I just realized that I never updated you on the incubator episode.
Out of 42 eggs, four hatched.  I was not a happy camper! I was ready to set the incubator on a
one way voyage to the dump!

But one of our mink rancher friends wanted it. To them as long as it heats, that's all they care for.
They use it as a mini mink brooder. For when the kits get cold.
So he bought it from me.

I was just ready to give up on the chick hatching idea (remember don't count your chickens before they hatch), when Dave suggested we buy a new one. A fancier one, with a fan.
So I figured why not?!

Well our first hatch we got 15 out of 30 eggs!!All nice and robust chicks to.
So I've fired it up again with 42 eggs. We'll have to wait and see.

The chicks are all cross breeds. Some are red comet and the rooster is Americauna.
Some others will be pure Americauna, since the hens are Americauna and so is the rooster.
I just find that it'll make pretty hens. We already have 3 grey ones (hopefully hens) and I love grey chickens. Why? Dunno.

And hopefully crossing them with the comets will make hens that are prettier and that will lay more than the Americauna, especially in the winter.

I don't find they lay when it's cold. Yet, the comets lay all the time, but are butt ugly.
So maybe a bit of both. Ya never know.

Chicks from the second hatch.

Have a blessed evening


  1. I've also noticed that my easter eggers don't lay nearly as many eggs as my barnyard mutts, barred rocks & austrolorps do. But my customers like to see those green eggs in the cartons so I keep a few around.

    And congrats on the "real" farm vehicle! Now you can take the livestock on a ride in the BACK! :)

    1. That's why I keep the Easter eggers to. I like the green eggs, just they don't lay when it's cold.

  2. The Farm registry is cheaper here too and limited to actual "trucks". HOpe your rustybucket works out for the farm :)

    Cute chicks, but alas they grow up to be ugly scary chickens lol

    1. You forgot stinky. Ugly, scary, stinky chickens.

  3. Rusty is a fine looking farm vehicle! We would be lost here without our truck but we have a car too for fuel efficiency.
    The second incubator sounds like it works MUCH better! :)


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