Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our us day.

Last Saturday Dave and I took an us day. We had some business to do on the South Shore and Jamie didn't want to come so he stayed with my mom and off we went.

We had a beautiful day together and since we were in the vicinity we decided to go
 visit some new friends.
Welcome to Sweetwood Farm! The owners are Neil and Heather.
They're a great couple.
Heather also makes cheese and she's planning  a cheese making weekend one of these days.
If possible I SHALL BE THERE!

I'm getting deep into cheesemaking.

Well, I mean come on! I've got milk coming out of the ying yang so I've got to do something with it.

While Heather was showing the house, Dave was in the barn with Neil.
Neil buzzed us in the house to say that one of the does was in labour.
So we went to see.

By the time we left that day, Sweetwood Farm  had three more goats! The doe gave birth to triplets!
So here's a few photos of our little day trip.

They had three Maremmas. Dave was in love since they all looked like Tundra.

Three newly born kids!

Our hosts, Heather and Neil.
Sweet wood Farm. I love their house. It dates back to the 1700's. I told Neil, all it needs is a thatched roof!

Imagine the goats you could put on that land!! Whoa.

And of course what trip to the South Shore isn't complete without a picture of my favourite house. I keep telling Dave I'm going to stop one day and ask to tour the house!

A few weeks ago we got wonderful news. Dave was scheduled for surgery!

They called on the Thursday and he had to go in for the Monday.

So we went in for the pre op on Monday and Tuesday morning they took out a rib!

He's got what's call Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He had it on the other side 11 years ago and now it's on this side. It's from the type of work he does.

I've been trying to upload a picture of him in the recovery but blogger won't let me. Bugger.
Because it really is funny!

Anyway now it's a long recovery process. Around 8 weeks. But he's already feeling so much better.

Well that's it for this time.

Have a Blessed Day

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  1. What a beautiful place Heather and Neil have, love their house!
    I'm glad your hubby is feeling better and I hope he has a speedy recovery from his surgery. :)


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