Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Growing Season

Well growing season is almost over.  And it was our first with raised beds.

Well I must say, aside from overdoing things, it was a wonderful season and I intend to keep growing in raised beds and hopefully get more.  

I need two more before the snow flies.

So here is the photographic  evidence of this years growing season.

This is the beginning of the season. Tomatoes are still standing.
Here is last week. The tomatoes kinds collapsed. But look at the sunflowers!!!

Yes, I quest for HUMAGABUNGA cabbage is still on. The cabbage moth kinda took over.

See the tomatoes? They kinda fell over. I didn't have enough for salsa, but I had enough to  freeze.

I love sunflowers. What can I say. The goats love them to...only for a different reason.

Have a Blessed Day

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