Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crazy Mornings

The last two mornings have just been NUTS!

Several months ago I was asked to be a community correspondent for CTV Morning Live (Halifax).

It's really a simple thing. Every two weeks I Skype live on TV to say what's going on
in my community. 

I'm not sure how many there are of us in Nova Scotia, but I'm in the Clare/ Weymouth area.
I love doing it. The first few times I was super nervous, I mean, thousands of people are watching you.  But now it's getting alot easier.

So this is how is goes. I usually go on at 7:15 or 8:15am.  Since the room my computer is in doesn't have good lighting I bring it in the kitchen.

Then a few minutes before we go on, Cyril Lunney, one of the hosts Skypes me.

I then have a minute or so to get my nerves in check and my act together.

The night before I go on I don't sleep well. I'm so afraid I'm going to miss the alarm or something will screw things up.

I was scheduled to be on Tuesday at 7:15am.
I had my topics ready and I checked my alarm...twice!

At 3:30 am I woke up and remember thinking, "oh I still have two hours to sleep".

That's the last thing I remember...till the PHONE rang at 7:15 am.

The minute it rang I knew who it was, Cyril! 

Oh Crap!

I literally jumped out of bed.

I was like," Oh Mylanta! Cyril!  I over slept! There's no way I can go on. I'm in my nightgown."

He was very gracious about it. He said, "Ok, well maybe we can go to commercial break. You've got 5 minutes!"

So I hang up, bark orders to Dave to set the computer up and I run to the bathroom. I throw on a t-shirt and run a brush through my hair.Not my best by far, but at least I was presentable.

 My bras hang in my walk-in closet (since they drip dry and I know TMI.), but the darn thing didn't want to come off the hanger. So I was flinging bras all over the place! There were bras all over the floor.

For a nano second I even contemplated not even putting on jeans. But I decided against it. I mean, this would have been the time they'd want me to show the weather outside or something.

So I run in the kitchen, Skype Cyril and we were on.
Alls well that end well....

Till the next morning.

Tuesday night Jamie has his drum lessons in Digby. Usually Dave brings him and I don't go, but the cupboard was beyond bare and I needed to go shopping. The hitch was I had a staff meeting that night so there was no way I could get home and drive all of us and Jamie get to his drum lessons on time.

So Dave drove to the car park not far from where I work with Rusty and met me there. From there we all hopped in the car and away we went.

The next morning, Wednesday, Dave had an appointment at 9 am SHARP! in Yarmouth. (For those of you that don't know the area, I live in the middle of Digby and Yarmouth. So Yarmouth is in the opposite direction of Digby)

He figured if he left at 8 am he'd have enough time to get to Yarmouth with a few minutes to spare....till he went outside to get in Rusty, the truck.


Rusty was gone!

Who in their right mind would want to steal Rusty??!!

How was he going to get to his appointment and me to work. Both in opposite directions! (FYI, no public transportation in the country)

Then the AHA moment kicked in.
We had forgotten Rusty in the car park in Weymouth!!

Holy Moly!

All I have to say is, Thank goodness I was actually ready for work early for once!

This time it was Dave's turn to bark orders.
Like, "GET IN THE CAR! We're going to get the truck!"

Well we got to the car park to rescue Rusty and Dave actually got to his appointment on time.

How? I have no idea. I haven't seen a speeding ticket anywhere.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. OH I love it that you are on TV! How exciting!! and what a fantastic story about oversleeping lol Flinging bra's everywhere LOL

    And forgetting Rusty, sounds like something I may have done at one time :)

  2. Oh NO!! It probably wasn't funny at the time but you sure made me laugh! :)
    My ex and I did the same thing with one of the cars one time, left it at the mall and didn't realize it until the next morning.


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