Saturday, December 21, 2013


It's been snowing!


I love it!

But it's starting to rain.


I hate rain in the winter.

So to cheer me up I guess I just have to post a few pictures of our cutie patootie in the snow.

Which just in case you haven't figured it out by now...

Why did you drag me out here!

I know I'm cute, but dragging me out here for a photo op is just not acceptable.

I'm leaving.

Have a Blessed Day.



  1. Goats hate ANY type of sky moisture. Big sissies!

  2. Lisa, we haven't really had much snow yet here in Nebraska. We did have a nasty ice storm a couple weeks ago that covered everything with about a quarter inch of ice but it was just a memory after a couple of days. We received another skiff of snow last night but just enough to cover up the ground. I expect it will be gone before Christmas gets here. We have had plenty of cold weather. The temps have dipped below zero a few times already this year with wind chills to cold to think about. I think it's time to put on the soup and hunker down for the Winter. Seed catalogs are starting to arrive which always gives me hope that eventually Winter will end and warm weather will return.

    Have the best Winter day that you can.

  3. LOL Drag me out for a photo op! Hilarious!! I hate rain over snow too - yuck!


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