Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bear and the goats

Saturday was a nice day. It was giving rain but it held off for a while so I went outside to take pictures of the goats and Bear.

Some are just so funny.

Peeper is doing well outside with the other goats, but Bear still thinks he's a chew toy.

Ha Ha Ha! That's a goat? Where's the rest of it?

Ok fine, I'll guard it.

There's a small barn on the hill where the goats graze, but the smaller goats could get underneath it and that freaked me out, plus Pisnak would rub his scurs and he was wrecking the shed.

So we had to put wire around it. I feel safer now. Well I think the goats feel safer now anyway.

Maggie and Azelle are both due in mid- March, by looking at them you'd think that Azelle is due today and Maggie not even bred.  The funny thing is that Maggie is due a few days before Azelle.  But I find that Azelle carries wide and Maggie carries low.

We'll have to wait and see!

Well part of my plan for this spring is already starting.

Tomorrow Dave is going to pick up our two bull calves!

It's a bit earlier than what I expected, but they'll just be bigger by the end of fall.

I'll post pics when we get them.

Have a Blessed Evening.



  1. Wow, lots of snow! I love your caption for that first picture and there sure IS a big difference in the size of your pregnant does! Stay warm! :)

  2. Lisa, I hope things go well with your kidding goats. I wish we had some of that snow. It's been a really dry Winter here. I'm hoping the Spring rains will make up for it. It's hard telling with this crazy weather pattern what will happen on a daily basis let alone two months from now.

    Will the two bull caves be headed for the freezer camp or do you have other plans for them? Good luck with all your animal raising this year.

    Have a great animal interaction day.

  3. I'm curious what type of dog is bear?

    1. "Bear" is a Great Pyrenees/ Maremma, He is a sweetie. A very big sweetie, but a sweetie none the less.


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