Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nova Scotia Weather...

You just gotta love Nova Scotia weather.

It's soooo unpredictable.

Last Saturday I was gone walking in the woods and took these pictures.

Just lovely pictures that look like they were taken in the fall.

But Alas! They were taken around 4:30 pm on January 18, 2014.

I walked home which is a 20 minute walk.

Went inside to eat supper and then I opened the door to bring the dogs to pee and .....

this is what greeted me!

A few inches of snow!

For Pete's Sakes!

It was T- shirt weather just a few hours before.

God just lovessss playing tricks on us.

My favourite weather phenomenon is when you're driving in sunshine and hit a wall of rain.
That always freaks me out. Or you look over the ocean and you can literally see a wall of rain coming for you.  It just freaks -you - out!

Have a Blessed evening.



  1. Lisa, we had a Nebraska weather day just a couple days ago which doesn't even surprise folks that have lived here for a few years. As I dined with friends in a restaurant, the weather outside went from bright sun, to blowing snow, to blowing snow with bright sun and back to sun shine. This happened the space of one hour. It used to amaze me that such a weather phenomena could happen but now it's just a chuckle issue and then go back to what ever I'm doing. Nothing surprises me any more with Nebraska weather. We have been getting 60 degree swings in temperature quite regularly this year. One day it's nearly 50 degrees and then plunges to nearly 10 below by morning of the next day. I have to wonder what all the dormant plants think about that. So far they have been sleeping soundly and not waking up just yet.

    Have a great Nova Scotia nearly spring day.

  2. That would definitely be a shocker! Warm and brown to cold and white in a matter of hours. Ready for spring here!


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