Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Where's the pumpkin pie!?

I love my goats. That includes driving around after Halloween to collect pumpkins.

Ok, I'm not that crazy.  My cousin had an over abundance of pumpkins and said I could have them for the goats. So my trunk, my backseat and my front seat was full of pumpkins!

But now that the cows are home, they're enjoying them as much as the goats.

Then someone else enjoyed the pumpkins. They even started carving them.

Darn chickens!

Have a Blessed Evening!


  1. Lisa, it's great to see pumpkins being used for something other than landfill. Urban city USA use them for Halloween decorations and then out with the trash they go. I am surprised to hear that cows like them. I've not thought that cows eat any thing other than grass and grain. I wonder if when they eat pumpkins if their milk would taste like pumpkin milk? I know from experience the milk tastes like weeds when they get into a weed patch. Blah!!

    Have a great pumpkin animal feed day.

    1. They're like goats, they eat almost any veg, and these ones I've noticed if the LGD doesn't get to his food fast enough, they'll eat that too! I have some carrots and beets left in the garden that they'll be getting also. Since they aren't for milking now, it doesn't really make a difference what they eat in that sense.

  2. Silly chickens! They eat anything. I used to grow a lot of pumpkins for our pigs, when we had them, as they were a natural de-wormer.


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