Sunday, November 16, 2014

When the cows came home..

Remember these guys?



Well they've been away at the neighbouring farmer's field for the entire summer. Usually they come back in October but it's been an extremely mild fall so they've stayed there till today.

We had a bit of snow two days ago so it was time for the cows to come home.

The farmer told us that Daisy got kinda big...really big. Bigger than Woody. Because all summer she became a big mooch on another cow's teat! She nursed all summer on another cow.

Honestly, I find that kinda funny.

But here's what they look like now.

Daisy turned out to be black not brown. The ole farmer thinks she might
 be crossed with Black Angus. 

Next week Woody is going to the...well you know.

But we're still not sure what to do with Daisy.

Her and Peeper have a thing going.

Peeper is in love.

The minute Daisy walked into the pasture, the other goats went the opposite way.
Peeper on the other hand, walked right up to her and introduced himself. 

They've been inseperable ever since.

Love knows no bounderies.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. They did get big! Nursing on the farmers cow all summer will do that lol Our cow is coming home in a few weeks too. Guess we'll see if she decides to make another escape back to the neighbors place. Boy I hope not.

  2. Lisa, it is interesting and fun to watch animals interact with one another. The most unusual friendships can happen. So Woody is headed toward freezer camp, huh. I'm not sure I've ever really tasted grass fed beef but I've read a lot about how it tastes better than corn fed. Daisy really does look like Black Angus and would be great for breeding to a Black Angus bull. Well, that is if you're into raising calves. My Dad never had a bull on the place but instead paid the Vet to artificially inseminate our milk cows. Most of our 13 milk cows were Holstein but were always inseminated with Black Angus. Black Angus was the breed to raise for meat during those times. I'm not sure what the breed of choice is today. Good luck with your cattle raising endeavors.

    Have a great Canadian homestead day.


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