Sunday, January 3, 2016

Santa's coming to town!

Last year we decided to visit Dave's parents at Tideview Terrace where they are staying.

We also decided to have fun with it.

Read about it here

We only had enough stuffed toys to do the two houses his parents are in.

But the residents enjoyed it so much, we were determined to find enough stuffed toys for everyone this year. That meant 90 stuffed toys and 90 stuffed toys to wrap also.

So I've been collecting stuffed toys all year long.
I'd go to thrift stores and buy some. My mom would go and find some also.
By the end, I was missing a dozen or so.
So I put an ad on Facebook and got a whole bunch there also.
By the time I was done I had more than enough.
(But there's always next year ;) )

We were going to bring Emilie the elf like we had done last year.
But I couldn't find her new costume I had bought for her anywhere!
I had even written on the calendar where I had put it, so this year I'd know where it was.
But it was gone....we didn't need it anyway. Emilie passed away a week before the event.

So after I had wrapped 100 gifts (just in case some young children were there visiting their grandparents) Santa and I hopped in his trusty sleigh (GMC Sierra) and off we went.

This is what 100 gifts and a Santa suit looks like

Santa had also had surgery 3 weeks before the visit and couldn't lift anything more than 5 pounds.
So guess who lugged the bags?

I'm telling's not cold in those places. By the time we were done, 
I was sweating, I mean glowing, profusely. 
Santa was soaking wet!!

But everyone had an awesome time.
Because of privacy issues, I can't put up pictures of the residents. So I'm posting some of Santa's parents and a friend of the family.

It's so much fun seeing the smiles on their faces. It's worth all the glowing and work we have to do before hand.  Next year we'll hopefully be able to bring Simonne as the elf since some of the residents love the animal connection as much as the Santa visit.

I hope ya'll had an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have a Blessed Day

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  1. iF YOU NEED HELP next year I can help,Mame


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