Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime fun!

Rock ledge at Mavilette beach.

Well, I've decided that every Monday for this summer (since I'm off on Mondays) J. and I are going to visit a different beach in the area. That's the great thing about Nova Scotia, you're never far from a beach. I love the ocean.

J. playing in a small tidal pool.

This past Monday we visited Mavilette beach. We got there at 11 am and left at 2pm. It was a beautiful day. Mavilette beach is actually a provincial park. So there's miles of sand and water. It was almost low tide when we got there, so in this neck of the woods that means a long trek to get to the water. If you've never experienced the world's highest tides, it's hard to explain. You have to see it to believe it. Hmmm....I might just have to blog that one day. I'll take a picture at low tide and one at high tide. Photos still don't do God's amazing creations justice.

I'm too sexy....

We discovered a few little treasures also. People usually only go there to swim, surf or tan. Well after we had done that for awhile, we went for a walk to the rocky area of the beach. Mind you it wasn't a little walk either. It took us a good 10 minutes to get there.

See the rocks ledges waaaaaaayyyy on the right hand side of the photo? Well that's where we walked to. We discovered a little rockpool in the rocks. It was so cool.

Sitting by the rockpool.


On Saturday J., mother and I went to the Annapolis Farmer's market. I love this farmer's market. I hardly ever go since it is an hour's drive from our house. But after that blog I posted a few weeks ago, I've decided that the housework can wait, the farm chores can wait and most other things can wait! As long as we have clean clothes and everyone and everything is fed I'm going to make sure our family has fun this summer!!!! I don't want J. remembering his childhood as "mommy is always stressed and working!" We are going to have fun this summer, whether we want to or not!!!

But anyway, I digress.... It was packed! The first booth I hit was the german bakery. Man oh man, they make the bestest (yes, that's a word in this case) onion and garlic baguettes in this world!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly they make the best everything.

Again it was a hot day. It's been a dry spring and it's starting to be a dry summer. Not good.

Me and J. in Annapolis.

After we came home we went to my favourite beach glass hunting beach. And found some good beach glass (or as some people call it, mermaid tears). We even found the elusive blue glass. These are usually old Noxema bottles. This place is good for beach glass because it used to be a garbage dump many, many moons ago. Now, needless to say, you're not permitted to dump garbage beside a beach. But in those days it didn't matter. So now, all the garbage is buried and gone, but when the tide comes up it unearths treasures. The best to find is red glass. It's very hard to find. You throw a party and open bottles of champagne when you find one of those!

Beach glass and a few dead crabs. Boys will be boys!

This week was also, snuffthemeatkings week. We had 17 done. We started with 20 but 3 didn't make it. They all died a week before the "slaughter". Some say that they grow so fast that they suffer from heart failure. I have a tendency to believe them. I mean, these chickens grow from day old chick to 6lb dressed bird in 7 weeks! Imagine what that would do to your heart if you'd gain wait on a human scale that fast!

Dave has a friend, Paul, that's a retired meat cutter. He comes and cuts them up for us. He cuts them faster than we can bag them!

Dave and Paul, cutting and bagging chicken.

Have a blessed day.



  1. The beach pics looks so wonderful. Love the sea glass, how fun to find along the shore.

  2. Hey Lisa~

    When I lived out on the Aleutian chain in AK I loved the water too. Not that it EVER got warm enough to enjoy like you and J did :) But the smell, the sound of it was soothing. Sometimes I really miss it.
    My step-dad would take us beach combing on the bearing sea side and we'd find glass bouies - tons of them. Lots of fun!

    I agree you should take time to enjoy life and do the small things that will make memories for your family.

    Yes, the chickens have heartfailure due to getting so large so fast. Same thing happened to us when we did the meat birds.

  3. I didn't know that about the meat birds - good information to have when I someday have my own little farm. I love, love, love beach glass. It would be fun to make a mosaic table or something with it. What do you do with it? My MIL butchers chickens every year too. She cans them - my husband remembers having to kill 10 or so a day and pluck them so she could do her part. Sounded like a lot of work to me!

  4. That's why we pay someone 3$ a bird to do it. It's alot easier. I just put all the glass we find in nice jars. I have a couple of jars on the back of the toilet. One day the cat jumped on it and broke one. I was not impressed! Glass and beach glass all over the place.


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