Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm sooo not impressed!

Tommy is not doing his deed! Febe AND Cindi Lou came into heat again this week. Febe on Monday and Cindi Lou today.

Dave put the goats out for me today and I told him to watch Tommy and Cindi.

He brought Febe to the pasture and when he came back Tommy had jumped his stall! He was waiting outside for Dave. You gotta understand that Tommy's walls reach up to my shoulders! It's also not big, so he couldn't get a running start.

He was just raring to go see Cindi. So without going into graphic details....Dave said at least 10 times!!Surely to goodness it took this time. If it didn't we're going to bring them to a friend's buck. I'm not taking anymore chances.

Well it's cold here now. That means lugging water and low egg production. Crud. I'm also down to milking Febe just once a day. She's giving a liter with one milking. She was giving less with 2 milkings. So I just milk in the morning.

Oh I also need some ideas from everyone. I need a cute, catchy name for my patchouli soap. Honestly I hate the smell, but I had a request for it.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Patchouli is one of those scents that you either love or hate. I just call it patchouli, but I think hippy dippy as it's a classic 60's scent.Okay, maybe not hippy dippy but something with the 60's maybe woodstock?

  2. How come you don't care for patchouli? If it's the same scent I'm thinking that Kris makes, then I really liked it..

    Did you guys ever get dried out after all your rain before it froze?

  3. I thought of Holy Patchouli! Or Old Hippy. But Hippy Dippy is nice too.

    It honestly gives me a headache and when we made it you could smell it for a few weeks after in the kitchen. Yuck!

    We did get dried out. We really don't get a complete freeze thru till January.

  4. what is patchouli? sounds interesting, but with the may not be worth makin... :)


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