Monday, November 1, 2010


Well I never thought I'd get to this! My 100th post! I can just see the ticker tape falling everywhere, the banners are a flying, the trumpets are blaring!! Woohoo!!!! The big 100!

Ok now I've gotten that out of my system. So how are things out there in blog-land? I promise that I will be more faithful in posting. I've had friends tell me to post. It's been too long.

Well what's been going on. Fall is definately (I can never spell that word) here. It is cooooold! Not freezing cold yet, but between your fall jacket and winter jacket cold.

We went trick or treating last night. Got lots of goodies. It was good candy this year.(Yes, it is possible to have bad candy. Too many Halloween kisses, yuck!) Lots of little chocolate bars, Mars, Kitkats, Coffee Crisps etc... Oh do the Americans have Coffee Crisps now? If not, you're missing out on one excellent chocolate bar. Kinda like the Ketchup chips. That's my favourite.

Man, I got off the subject there quick! Like the little old lady on the Golden Girls would say..."but I digress..."

It rained on Halloween, but we live in the country so you don't walk anywhere, you have to drive. Still, it was a cold rain.

Why I put this picture up, I don't know. It was just cute.

Update on Tundra. Yikes! She's growing fast. The incredible growing puppy. It's hard to remember that she's a puppy, when she could eat most dogs for a snack! I want to change her name to Wiggles LaRue. She's got one wicked wiggle on her. lol. When she walks, it's like an articulated dump truck. Her front feet go straight and the rest of her wiggles. It's so funny.

The goats are doing very well. I do believe that both girls are bred. Tommy has done his job quick. I think he got both of them on the same day. I wanted to stagger the births, but well..I guess not. If they are bred, they should give birth in March. But boy oh boy Tommy stinks. Woof! The girls seem to like his eau de chevre cologne. Tundra isn't crazy about it. She tries to keep away from Tommy, but it doesn't always work.

Well, it seems like every waking moment now is taken up with hockey or soap. J. is in his first year of hockey. I am something I said I'd never be....A HOCKEY MOM!! Ack! It's not so bad, kind of. I'll let you know at the end of the season.

This is my Lemon Poppy Seed soap.

The soap is taking off well. I have it in 4 stores already. Ladies nite at work, Dave is going to be there selling it also. So far I only have 5 different kinds. But after Christmas I'll concentrate on inventing new flavours, like Dave calls them. Well honestly a co-worker took a bite out of one of them.

This is a funny story. When I did my first batch, I had given small samples to all the girls in the store. The problem being I hadn't stirred the honey in well, so it made nice swirls in the soap. It looked like fudge. This girl wasn't at work the day I passed them out so she had no clue it was soap. That night she was cashing out the tills. She hadn't eaten all day and was starving, when she spotted the piece of "fudge" soap beside the till. She thought to herself, "nobody will notice if I cut off a little piece." So she did. She said that the minute it hit her tongue, she realized it wasn't fudge! I laughed so hard when she told me this, I thought I'd peed my pants.

I guess I should update ya'll on the last post. I'll just say that on the work front things are going lots better. On the friendship "soap" opera, (no pun intended), not so good. Instead of getting mad at her for slandering our name, I'm praying for her.

So que sera sera.

Oh I almost forgot! The pig update. We have sold Charlotte. Three are going to the butcher this week and that's going to leave just 2 little ones. We aren't sure what we're doing with them. With Dave's new work schedule, he won't have time for them. Are we going to get more in the spring? Don't know. At the moment we are going to concentrate more on the goats and the soap. Strange how life throws you curve balls. It's like the old saying goes,

"Life is what happens, when you're making plans."

Well I'll leave you here for this time.

Have a Blessed Day

A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9


  1. I really like how you packaged your soap. I also like that round shape. Did you use a PVC pipe? How big are your batches? Are you using EO and/or FO? What is the weight on your soap?

  2. Yes, I use a 3" PVC pipe. It's about 12" long. I use 3 pipes for a batch. The soaps are 3" across and 7/8" thick. They are between 95-100 grams each.

    Dave a.k.a Red Green invented a plunger to push the soap out. I'd post a photo, but then he'd have to kill me. ;) At first we used Ravioli cans. Not good.

    Ok, what's EO or FO?


  3. Happy 100th Post!!! How fun! Love that Lemon Poppy Seed soap...I bet it smells incredible! :)

  4. Happy 100th post Lisa!

    Congrats on your soap making! I really like the rounds. Krissy should try it.

    Nothing wrong with being a hockey mom, unless you're Sarah Palin- former gov of AK that briefly ran for vice pres here - incase you didn't know.. She gave hockey moms a BAD name! haha

    Cute pic of your hubby. Like the stuffed animal he is cuddling.

    Glad all is well for you and yours..


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